Weight month 5

Health and fitness post #5 01/11/2016

I’m on time this month! Unfortunately it’s not good reading so please go tell me off in the comments and make me behave more for November.

Weight loss goals

Not good reading at all although it started out ok and then suddenly as I started being able to move around more I put weight back on. I’m hoping it’s just retained water weight as I know I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should, plus I had a week where I was drinking vanilla coke. That stuff is so good but so sugary so I only very rarely have it. I bought it as a treat for a night ‘out’ that I had round a friend’s flat and as I’m not really an alcohol drinker anyway and particularly can’t be whilst on warfarin I wanted something other than water to drink. The trouble is that it’s cheapest to buy cases of 8 cans and they’re on 2 for £5 so obviously I had to buy 2 cases and then drink them all. I also have just come back from a week in France with my parents but I didn’t put any weight on there; in fact I lost 1lb despite Dad constantly trying to feed me ice cream and cakes and biscuits.

Weight month 5

  • Goal Weight: 9 stone
  • Last Month’s Weight: 10 stone 10 pounds
  • Current Weight: 10 stone 13 pounds (+3 pounds)
  • Goal Body Fat Percentage: 25%
  • Last Month’s Body Fat Percentage: 33.9%
  • Current Body Fat Percentage: 35.2% (+1.3%)
  • Goal Waist: <32 inches
  • Last Month’s Waist: 34.5 inches
  • Current Waist: 36 inches (+1.5 inches)

Calories burned month 5

Exercise goals

This has gotten better this month. The first 2 weeks I was still unable to walk very well at all but all of a sudden it eased up and in this last week I actually managed a 20,000 step day. I haven’t gone back to any exercise other than walking but I’m going to try my first Clubbercise class tonight so fingers crossed. For most of the month my step goal was 5,000 and for the last week it has been 10,000. I’m going to leave it as 15,000 on my goal list below though.

Steps month 5

  • Daily Steps: 15000
  • Number of days steps were hit: 5/31
  • Calories Burned: 2237
  • Number of days calories burned was hit: 7/31
  • Distance Travelled: 5 miles
  • Number of days distance travelled was hit: 7/31
  • Active Minutes: 60
  • Number of days active minutes was hit: 8/31

Distance month 5

It all looks pretty bleak but I’m very pleased with the exercise results as I’ve been so incapacitated and now I can hopefully start to build it back up. I’m going to try working from the office again next week so I’ll be able to get my long walks there and back going again and hopefully Clubbercise will go ok tonight. I just need to get working on my food intake now.

Active minutes month 5

2 thoughts on “Health and fitness post #5 01/11/2016

  1. Anastasia Nicole says:

    You are doing great, minus the vanilla Coke of course, lol. I find that every time I start working out I bloat up then slim down. I’m not completely convinced that’s not in my head but upping your water intake and fiber is a great way to beat that. Keep it up!
    xx | A


    • polishedpevil says:

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Anastasia, it’s really appreciated! I haven’t exactly ballooned up so that’s always good, it would just be nice to actually drop a little 😉 I am my own worst enemy though, see something nice and have to eat it all in one go instead of over a few sittings!


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