Me and my two adorable degus, Scrat and Diego. Excuse the picture quality, it was low lighting and I haven't managed to get a better one with both the boys!

Me and my two adorable degus, Scrat and Diego. Excuse the picture quality, it was low lighting and I haven’t managed to get a better one with both the boys!

I’m a gamer, an artist, a scientist, a reader, an animal lover, a nature lover, an introvert, a web designer, a nerd, a geek, a baker, a gardener, a crafter and many more things besides!

I’ve always been an arty sort of person, spending most of my childhood drawing, painting and generally making a mess my mum had to clean up. I was also terrible for biting my nails but that didn’t really matter since I was also a horse rider and you need short nails for that. At the age of 10 I had a riding accident and didn’t ride again for 5 years. In this time I tried to stop biting my nails and grow them long but nothing worked; constantly being told off, bitter nail oils, you name it I’d still bite. Then Mum gave me some of her old nail polish and I gave it a try. I loved how it looked and before you knew it I’d stopped biting my nails and found they naturally grow quite long and strong. I started messing around with nail art and since then have been into it on and off, along with picking up horse riding again. Now I’m fully back into the habit and am loving it so here we are. I wanted to share my designs with everyone and also point out some fantastic artists I’ve discovered along the way, along with any helpful hints, tips and products I find.

I meant to open this blog up a full year before I actually did, you know how it goes. Things keep getting in the way, you keep putting it off and before you know it so much time has passed you wonder if it’s worth it. But finally I joined the joys of Instagram and discovered all the fantastic nail art on there and it re-inspired me. I also discovered the amazing brand of A England and got the opportunity to become an official stockist so needed somewhere to sell their polishes. I want this blog to be somewhere other people can find inspiration, somewhere for me to look back and be proud of some of my designs and also for it to be a gateway to other fantastic artists and products. In just a few months I found such a wealth of knowledge and help out there that if I can help spread that around I’ll be very happy.

I also have another blog here which I started many years ago as a personal blog and there you can find my old ramblings. Some of them I’m not so happy with but it was me at the time and literally nobody read it so it didn’t really matter. I decided to leave them there so I can go back and see how things have changed. Some may make it over here as I decided that as much as I love my nail posts there are only so many things you can write about and it really doesn’t allow me to stretch all of my creative juices. So I’ve started to introduce more personal posts over here and abandoned the old blog. I still try to keep at least one nail-related post a week though as the name and the original purpose of this blog reflect that.

If you have any suggestions for the site please feel free to leave comments. I read everything you guys leave and am always interested in what you have to say. This blog is for you after all.


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