Links I find useful or inspiring and hope you will too. If you have suggestions for any please leave a comment and I will check them out and add them if I like them.

Nail Art

The Nailasaurus – The first nail art blog I ever followed, check out Sammy’s amazing nail art. And with a name like Nailasaurus you have to love it. She’s also particularly good as she has relatively short nails and therefore less space to work with yet still creates amazing designs.

Nail Care/Products

Nail Care HQ – The fantastic site of Ana, also known as Simple Nail Art Tips and also where you can buy Bliss Kiss nail oil along with other lovely nail products. Ana is amazing, she has done so much research into nail care and written a ton of knowledgeable (and free!) articles to help us all achieve fantastic nails. Not only that but she has created the amazing Bliss Kiss nail oil which you can purchase on her site.

A England – The website of Adina, amazing creator of A England polishes. She has a few pieces of jewellry for sale as well and it’s worth reading her about page just to find out more about this lovely woman. Also if you’re not in the UK she has a list of worldwide stockists so you can join in wearing these great polishes.

Harlow and Co – A fantastic Canadian based website that stocks a lot of polishes you can’t get here in the UK (easily at least) including KB Shimmer, Picture Polish, Cirque and more. They do free shipping on orders over $100 so well worth saving up then popping in a large order.

Stylish Nail Art Shop – An Etsy shop that stocks great nail art equipment. I bought my fountain pen and inks from here and regularly see people buying art and clean up brushes. Plus you tend to get sweets with your order!

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