WoW characters – Alliance

Just a quick overview of my Alliance characters on World of Warcraft. Partly in case anyone is curious, more to remind me what each one has on them or I have planned for them. There might be a little background but I don’t tend to roleplay in WoW. You can also check out my Horde characters.

Cazak - Human Paladin
Cazak – Human Paladin – Night Fae – Jewelcrafting and Mining

Cazak is my main and oldest character which is surprising as my main is usually the character called Pevil. She started out on the release of The Burning Crusade as a Blood Elf paladin. At the time my real life friends were all Horde so of course I had to start as Horde as well. Eventually however they plus my in-game guild swapped to Alliance and so I too did a faction change.

Chevali – Draenei Death Knight – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Chevali is one of my oldest characters, being created back when Wrath of the Lich King was released. Her name is a play on chevalier, french for knight.

Vialette – Worgen Druid – ? – Herbalism and Mining

A human that turns into a wolf that turns into all sorts of druidic forms. I couldn’t resist.

Pevil – Dark Iron Dwarf Hunter – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Pevil has been remade a lot during my WoW time. She was my first character, a human priest but I created Cazak shortly after and feel in love with paladins. As such she’s been demoted to just an alt, despite being my main in most games. She remained a human priest until the release of Shadowlands when I finally got some more allied races unlocked and remade her as a Dark Iron Dwarf Hunter.

Kelirehenna – Lightforged Draenei Priest – ? – Tailoring and Enchanting

I was so tempted to go with another paladin as they lend themselves to Holy so well and the heritage armour looks like plate but I resisted and went for priest instead. That way I still get the Holy bonuses and I can appear to be more cleric-like and ready to wade into battle. She’s named after a princess in Discworld.

Scrat – Panderan Monk – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Named after one of my pet degus. We refer to Scrat as Fatman so a chunky panda seemed appropriate.

Diegoo – Gnome Rogue – ? – Leatherworking and Skinning

Named after one of my pet degus, Diego was taken as a name so I added the extra o as degus are often referred to as goos. I went with a gnome as degus are small and decided on rogue as Diego tends to steal bedding from his brother!

Flatulus – Dwarf Shaman – ? – Herbalism and Mining

I’m levelling Flatulus at the moment and I’m absolutely loving playing him! His name is a play on being windy seeing as how shamans control the elements.

Anoia – Void Elf Warlock – ? – Alchemy and Herbalism

Anoia is named after a goddess in the Discworld series, “Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers”. Maybe warlocks should be more than an annoyance but I love my Discworld names, particularly if they’re tongue in cheek.

Lacrimosa – Night Elf Demon Hunter – ? – Inscription and Herbalism

As usual, named after a Discworld character. This one is a vampire, the equivalent of a teenager (but in reality about 60 years old) who is suffering the opposite of becoming ’emo’ as a human teenager may do. So instead her and her friends think it’s ‘cool’ to dress in bright colours and have names like “Joan” or “Dave”.

Ysabell – LightForged Draenei Paladin – ? – ?

I couldn’t resist her after all. I mainly made this extra paladin because of the updated Talbuk mount they get. I love my talbuk mounts!

Kul Tiran Mage – Engineering and Mining

I need to unlock the race before I can create this one.

Mechagnome Warrior – Blacksmithing and Mining

I need to unlock the race before I can create this one.

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