Tennyson's Romance inspiration

A England – Tennyson’s Romance Collection

The new October 2016 collection from A England - Tennyson's Romance.

The new October 2016 collection from A England – Tennyson’s Romance.

Left to right: Angel Grace, King Cophetua, In Robe and Crown, Shall Be My Queen, The Beggar Maid

Coverage: all can very easily be 1 coat wonders

Drying time: Approx 1 minute

Finish: Holographic, shiny, no streaks

  Hardwearing: To be tested

I’m sure I’ve said it before, I hate it when Adina releases a new collection. They are always so beautiful I have to take tons of pictures, the pictures never capture the full beauty of the polishes and I then have to try and find another way to basically say “These are amazing, go and buy them all”. It’s very hard to come up with multiple ways of saying that!

As always there is a purple in here (what would it be without one?), we have a vibrant pink and then 3 darker shades which fit perfectly in to Autumn. This collection is based on Tennyson’s works as seen below and will be available from Halloween 2016 on shop.polishedpevil.com. I think this is also the first collection where I’m struggling to choose a favourite; 2 of them stand out to me and I keep flicking between them. All my swatches are done without any top coat so it’s just the effect of the polish that you see.

Tennyson's Romance inspiration

King Cophetua in daylight

King Cophetua in daylight

First up we have “King Cophetua”. This appears to be the most ‘boring’ of the collection but it is still far from it. A lovely black polish with a ton of micro silver sparkle in it that stops it from being dull and boring at all. It sparkles gloriously in the sunlight and covers wonderfully in 1 coat. It also didn’t stain when I removed it which can always be a worry with darker colours.

Look at the silver sparkle in that

Look at the silver sparkle in that


Another quick shot in sunlight to show how uplifting this actually is

Shall Be My Queen in daylight

Shall Be My Queen in daylight

“Shall Be My Queen” is a classic deep rose pink but as always with A England it has a twist of a beautiful sparkle. Everyone ought to know by now that I am not a pink person at all but I always love A England ones. The sparkle on this one is hard to describe as although it mainly seems to be a silver it shifts sometimes to the gold side and even hints at the classic A England holographic rainbow at times. It again applies beautifully and with only 1 coat needed. On removal it didn’t stain although I do get the feeling it may have a tendancy to spread and stain if you used thicker coats.


The silver side of the sparkle


Getting the hint of some other colours in there

Angel Grace in daylight

Angel Grace in daylight

I always tease Adina that she seems to be obsessed with purple, there are far more purples in the range than anything else! But they are always beautiful so I’ll let her off. My first thought on seeing “Angel Grace” was that it’s very similar to “Crown of Thistles” from the Elizabeth & Mary collection. However you can see from the comparisons below that it’s actually quite different; “Angel Grace” is a cool blue-based purple whereas “Crown of Thistles” is a warmer, red-based polish. It is probably the closest to having a full rainbow holograph effect in this collection. Again this applied in 1 coat although I did need 2 on my little finger for some reason and think it definitely benefits from that extra coat. Removal was very easy.


Look at the stunning shimmer


Angel Grace, blue toned on the left. Crown of Thistles, red toned on the right. Both absolutely gorgeous

In Robe and Crown in daylight

In Robe and Crown in daylight

“In Robe and Crown” is 1 of the 2 that I can’t decide is my favourite. Look at it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s similar to “Incense Burner” in the base colour but without the gold/green shift; instead it has a silver shimmer to it. I’m a sucker for a browned burgundy and this is absolutely perfect for autumn. It is another one that worked in 1 coat but I put 2 on the little finger which definitely brought out the full beauty of it. Again it applied perfectly and removed easily.


You can see the full range of the base colour here, on my index finger it’s a rich brown but on my ring finger you can get the hints of red coming through

Another glimpse showing some of the shimmer, the majority of it seems to be red and gold

Another glimpse showing some of the shimmer, the majority of it seems to be red and gold


The Beggar Maid in daylight

“The Beggar Maid” is my other favourite. I think this one is winning at the moment but that could change again shortly! This is so hard to describe. It’s a kind of bronzy, antique gold, tarnished gun metal. It probably looks the most boring of them all in the bottle but it is just such a chameleon once on your nails and in sunlight. As with all the polishes in Tennyson’s Romance it applied perfectly in 1 coat and removed easily as well. Not sure I want to remove it though.


The slightly more grey shot of this, but you can still see the incredible gold sheen that comes through.


Full gold shift! The slight hint of the grey base coming through makes it look aged and fashionably tarnished though

So what do you all think of this collection? Which is your favourite? I’m going to do some nail art with “In Robe and Crown” and “The Beggar Maid” to see if that helps me decide.

7 thoughts on “A England – Tennyson’s Romance Collection

  1. Jess says:

    How does “Shall Be My Queen” compare to “Rose Bower”?

    Thank you very much for the comparison between “Angel Grace” and “Crown of Thistles”!


  2. Lynda McCormick says:

    I am going to order Robe and Crown next week and I can’t wait. I tend to like the darker shades, such as Briarwood, Sleeping Palace etc..so I think Robe and crown is exactly what I would want from this collection..it’s gorgeous!


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