New Year 2018 – Health and fitness

Everyone is doing it at the moment so why not jump on the bandwagon? Now is the perfect time to look back on what has happened, what I have learnt over the last year and look ahead to what 2018 can bring me. I was mainly inspired by the comments on this post over on Cup of Jo; this is a great blog with all sorts of varied articles but the best bits are always the comments. There was a fabulous one done following the Weinstein scandal and the comments really inspired me and made me think about my own experiences so I highly recommend checking out that blog. But enough of that and on to the point of this post.

Well I’m not starting the year in the best way as I have an infected finger! I guess that means the year can only improve. The past 18 months haven’t exactly been great for me health wise what with the clot, a cancer scare and my latest issue, stress-related skin problems which thankfully seem to be clearing up now. I was doing really well October through to the start of December with my weight but the past few weeks have dented that again so it’s back to the grind.

dvt-2I just realised I haven’t yet blogged about the outcome of my visit to the haematologist so that is on the list to do soon. It turns out I have a genetic mutation that caused the clot so along with the usual risk factors I have got that plus the fact that I have had a clot which increases chances of another. Due to this I need to limit the others, the all important ones that I have control over being regularly moving around and not being overweight.

I’m pretty good with moving around; I walk to and from work and go out most lunch times for a walk. This is usually with a colleague who is leaving soon so I will have to motivate myself to go alone again. I actually prefer to walk by myself but it does make it harder to get up and leave the office. I have friends however who will shout at me if I don’t so that will help. I also try to walk up and down the stairs a few times every hour but that depends on if I have conference calls or meetings scheduled. Weekends aren’t too bad either as I go food shopping early on a Saturday morning and tend to have a walk around the local arboretum before heading to the shops. I also try to at least get up every hour or two to get a drink from the kitchen, do a job around the house or just generally find an excuse to move.

Clubbercise-SexyGlowI do want to get fitter in general though and not only strengthen my leg back up but regain some of the upper body strength I used to have plus the flexibility that I got from yoga. I’ve already started going back to clubbercise twice a week so over the next few months I have a plan to slowly introduce yoga, pilates, hula hooping, kettlebells and calisthenics back into my weekly routine. Weekends will be my rest from exercise other than walking. I’m thinking something along the lines of my clubbercise classes Monday/Wednesday, a mix of yoga and pilates on Tuesdays/Fridays and a mix of hula hooping, kettlebells and calisthenics on a Thursday.

I’m back on watching what food I eat too. I’m good with my meals, 90% of them are home cooked and healthy with a couple of takeaways a month. It’s the snacking on an evening that gets me so again I have a plan set out to slowly reduce this rather than just suddenly stop, feel deprived and eventually end up going on a rebellious binge. To start with I will stop snacking after 8.00pm. This automatically means I won’t snack on a Monday or Wednesday as I don’t get home from clubbercise until 8.15. I’ll do this for 2 weeks to make it a habit then I will also stop snacking on a Thursday; Niall is out on Thursdays so I’m less likely to cave in as he won’t be here saying “Hmmm I think it’s snack time” or if I go with him to his friend’s house as I sometimes do, we never snack there anyway (we do have takeaway though!). After another week I’ll extend this to no snacking on a Tuesday. This should be easier by then as I’ll be in the habit of not snacking most evenings so hopefully won’t feel too much to ask of myself. After yet another week I will change my no snacking rule to be after 7.00pm. This should eliminate evening snacking entirely as we usually don’t finish eating tea until around 6.30 or 7.00. Weekends will still be free during the day for me to snack should I want so those can be my treat days but I will still have to watch the portions. I’m also stating right now that when the Great British Bake Off comes back on it is tradition for us to snack whilst watching that so those nights are null and void!

I’m going to stop the monthly update posts as well. I will instead post when I feel like it, if I feel something has gone well and needs shouting about or if I’ve been bad and need telling off. I may be posting my stats, I may be posting about an exercise session.

So here’s to a happier, healthier 2018! Check out my other posts on relationships and work and play to make this year the best yet for me.



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