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I’ve been reading a lot again recently, something I had stopped for ages despite always being one of those kids with my nose in a book. I have a pretty wide taste when it comes to books, certainly wider than I do in TV or films where I’m quite picky. I’ve recently discovered an author called Nick Spalding so thought I would just share my thoughts on his few books that I’ve read here.

You can get his books in a physical format but I’ve been borrowing them monthly from the library on Kindle simply because it’s free though I do prefer a physical copy. I don’t think all of his books are available through this but a large number are. I’m not really sure what made me decide to give his books a go but I’m very glad that I did. His style is very easy to read and is full of humour but it doesn’t feel like forced humour. The books are very down to earth and certainly are full of situations you can feel you would end up in yourself. I’d probably consider them more of a ‘holiday’ read but I like to grab one at the start of each month and just blast through it for an easy, enjoyable read. It’s working quite nicely as I’m also reading a series of books that is a bit tougher going so it just gives me a little break from that series to keep it fresh for me.

One word of warning: he doesn’t shy away from swear words or being very honest about every aspect of life. I don’t have an issue with it myself and I don’t think it’s over the top but some people may be put off by it.

Fat Chance

Fat Chance

This was the first book I read and I absolutely loved it. The premise is that a local radio station decides to run a competition for fat couples to see which couple can lose the most weight over a period of time. It’s written from a diary perspective of one of the couples and feels very relatable. Everything the pair say are exactly the kind of things you can imagine going through yourself and is humourous in a “that is so embarassing right now but in a year you’ll look back and laugh” kind of way.


Bricking It



Bricking It

I picked this one up next and possibly enjoyed this even more. It follows a brother and sister who inherit a house from their grandmother that no one even knew she had. It’s completely run down and their choice is sell it on as is or renovate it to sell on. They decide to renovate and this follows their journey in a “Grand Designs” kind of way. Once again it’s filled with funny incidents that would definitely happen to most of us (well maybe not some of them… I’ll leave you to read about those!) but also has some rather touching moments in it, again in a very real way. Nothing feels forced or exaggerated as can sometimes happen in books.

Mad Love

Mad Love

Another competition-based one in a sense. This time around a dating website feels they have such a great algorithm for matching up people that they have a competition for 2 people that they put together to get married without having met each other and that it will be successful. This follows the ‘lucky’ couple’s honeymoon period and whether they truly are the perfect match for each other after all. There is possibly less humour in this one than the other 2 I read but it is very relatable still and I feel the characters are really well developed.



Life with No Breaks

Life… With No Breaks

A very different one here as it is non-fiction. Nick Spalding sat down on this one to simply write for 24 hours straight and it is a mix of anecdotes from his life, musings and just random thoughts. I think he actually ended up writing for closer to 30 hours. Whilst hugely different from the other 3 books I’ve read it was still incredibly enjoyable. His honesty in the books with his real life stories is refreshing and makes it feel as if you’re down the pub with a friend having a heart to heart.




I’m always on the look out for new authors to try so please feel free to leave me some recommendations in the comments.


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