Nail Artist/Blogger Problems

Hi all

A little bit of a different post today as it just occurred to me whilst cropping down my many swatch pictures I took over the past few days. So here we are, a classic list post based on the problems nail artists and bloggers face. Forget first world problems, these are much worse! 😉 Just a random bullet point list of thoughts that come into my head and I’m sure others have exactly the same. Please add your own into the comments, I’d love to see if there are any new problems for me to look forward to or that I’ve just forgotten.

  • I’m so uninspired, I haven’t got a clue what to do for my next post
  • I guess I’ll just do some swatches. Nice and easy, that doesn’t take any thought
  • Oh my, this colour is gorgeous, I could do *insert 12 nail art ideas here*
  • Oh but this colour is gorgeous too, I could do *insert 12 more nail art ideas here*
  • Now I want to do my nails properly but which of the million ideas I just had should I start with?
  • Oooh nail mail arrived… even more choices for nail art 😦
  • Guess I should sort out these swatch pictures… did I really take this many?
  • Why are they all blurred?!
  • Why is my camera so useless?
  • Argh why is my camera so good at picking up hair and dust stuck to my fingers? I can’t even see that in real life! *squints at hands to see if they’re as disgusting as they look in the pictures*
  • Why didn’t I notice that shadow over my entire hand?
  • I can’t be bothered redoing the swatch now, I’ll do it another day…
  • Why didn’t I notice that nail is a different shape/length to the others?
  • Oh this picture came out beautifully, now I must wear that colour next!
  • Hmm… what colour was that again?
  • I know, lets do some nail art… what were those ideas again I had earlier?
  • Ok, lets do this… no, it just doesn’t look right. Why is it smudging? Why won’t this work? Why are my nails against me?!
  • Forget it, this’ll do
  • I meant to take step by step pictures for a tutorial… well I’m not doing it again now
  • I really should redo this and get those pictures…
  • I love how this has turned out! *random air molecule takes offence and makes a nail break* Noooooooo!

One thought on “Nail Artist/Blogger Problems

  1. fabulousvonraptor says:

    😦 I can seriously sympathise. Best habit I subscibe to is (used this in Uni/College studying design) is:
    > set yourself a design brief, just a broad a concept to work with “Lava Flow”/”Mediterranean Mermaid”/”Golden Prism”
    > limit the amount of materials and techniques – 2 colours and 3 patterns, or 1 colour and 1 pattern and studs.
    > finally, know when you’ve done enough, often over complicating or working any design will comprise the whole look 😐 so many projects have ended up on the project because I didn’t know when to stop.
    Photographic evidence, pain in the butt – but you’re right and Murphy’s Law will get you – if you like you’re look well enough, cosmic lint fairy is waiting!


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