Bliss Kiss nail oil - my nail saviour!

How to: refill your Bliss Kiss nail oil pen

Bliss Kiss nail oil - my nail saviour!

Bliss Kiss nail oil – my nail saviour!

I’m currently trying to keep my nails in perfect condition as I’m awaiting a new A England collection and need them long and beautiful to show off the swatches. My main way of doing this is to use lots of Bliss Kiss nail oil on them (check out my review here) and I’ve been meaning to post up this “How to” for a while so now is the perfect time.

Ana already has a video up on how to refill the pen along with step by step pictures, however I think it’s always good to have multiple resources. The video works for some people (it’s how I learnt) but friends at work have had no luck with it and just get me to do it for them. So I figure having it in step by step pictures might work for some of you or act as a bit more of a little “refresh my memory” reference if the video made sense once but now you can’t remember how you did it before.

Step 1: Pull the end off the pen

Step 1: First you need to get the pen in half. This is probably the most difficult stage simply because it can take a bit of strength and if your pen is a little leaky at all it can be slippy and hard to grip. The Bliss Kiss site sells grippy mats for this very reason or you can use anything that helps with grip; I’m sure I’ve ready of people finding things in their local pound shops that helped. Luckily for me I have a freakishly strong grip anyway so I find that if I put two fingers around the bit that you twist and grab the rest of the pen in my other hand then pull it will usually come apart quite easily. Note: I have found (not sure why either) that if your pen isn’t really, really empty of oil it just won’t come apart. If you’re really struggling try using it a couple more times then give it another go.

Step 2: Remove the white windy bit from the pen

Step 2: I’m going to get technical on you now. Are you ready?

Remove the white windy thing from the pen. Yes, I’m sure that’s the real name for it, honest! It will easily pull out of the pen. You now have a fully disassembled pen.

Step 3: Rewind the windy thing

Step 3: More technical stuff. Wind the white windy thing back the opposite way to when you’re using the pen until it is short again.

Step 4: Fill the pen with nail oil

Step 4: Fill your pen with nail oil. Be careful you don’t go overboard here; if you fill it too much you’ll push most of it out of the bristles and risk wasting it when you put the pen back together. I have found you’ll always get a little bit leak out though no matter how conservative you are. This is probably a little too full in this picture.

Step 5: Reinsert the windy thing and push the end back on

Step 5: Insert your white windy thing back into the pen and replace the end. It will take a little bit of lining up of the teeth on the windy thing with the teeth inside your pen and then just a bit of pressure on the end to pop the end back into place. Make sure you have the lid on over the bristles as this is the stage where a little oil seems to get forced out no matter how little you’ve put in there. Might as well catch it in the lid so you can use it.

Step 6: All done!

Step 6: Sit back and oil your nails! You’re all done and your pen should be good to go for a while yet. On Ana’s page she states some pens may break after just one attempt at refilling but my pens have both lasted for nearly two years now with probably refills done every three to four months. If you’re careful you should be able to get plenty of usage out of them. Some of my friends pens have stopped winding on properly though and I do find mine take a lot of turns after being refilled before the oil starts seeping through the brush properly; this may be because I underfill them now to avoid too much leakage.

I hope this helps you all out, please let me know in the comments below if anything doesn’t make sense or if you have any questions. I’ll try to update some of the pictures as well as I took these a while ago so some aren’t the greatest or most useful.

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