Barry M – Speedy Quick Dry Collection

Speedy Dry Collection

Speedy Dry Collection – February 2015

Coverage: 3 thin coats or 2 thicker (3 still for Lap of Honour/Kiss Me Quick)

Drying time: Quick, 1 minute

Finish: On the whole excellent, can leave streaks and brush marks due to how fast it dries so don’t go over it if you can help it

  Hardwearing: 4 to 5 days (typing, washing up)

This is the Spring collection for 2015 from Barry M and all I have to say is wow. Amazing colours, a new formula and a new brush. We’re being spoiled!

I’m terrible for getting the full collection of something. So often I’ll do it and regret it when I find I’ve got a ton of duplicates but no, not with this one. This is truly worth getting every single polish. Currently there are 9, all released in February 2015 and Barry M have really gone all out with this one. It’s a new formula that dries incredibly quickly. I find Barry M polishes often dry within 2 minutes anyway providing you do a thin coat but these are all dry within 1 minute tops, even if you do a slightly thicker coat. There is also a new brush which I really hope takes off and is used in all their bottles going forward; instead of the usual round brush these are a flat, wider brush that make it much easier to cover your nail. Add to this the fact that the colours are simply beautiful and perfect for spring, plus all the bottle caps are chequered flags and the names are all racing related this is a lovely little collection.

Look at the gorgeous colours and those wonderful lids

Look at the gorgeous colours and those wonderful lids

I genuinely can’t choose which colour I like best. When I took them into my office and everyone had a try with them it was actually quite surprising as on the nail everyone seemed to like Pit Stop the best, even though in the bottle it’s probably the least spring-like and appealing colour. Most of the polishes will need either 3 thin coats to be fully opaque or thanks to the quick dry formula you can actually apply a slightly thicker coat than usual and get away with 2 for most (I did find “Kiss Me Quick” and “Lap of Honour” still really need 3 though). They go on as smoothly as most Barry M’s, though you need to make sure you don’t go over bits you’ve already painted before they’re fully dry or you will leave brushmarks. I haven’t worn them as a manicure yet so can’t say how long they’ll last but my next planned manicure will use them so I’ll update the post with that info when I can.

The new, flat brush.

The new, flat brush.

For now, enjoy the beautiful colours and let me know what you think of them. I had to take all the pictures in daylight as we’ve had lovely spring sunshine here this week and it just fitted perfectly with these colours. Can you pick a favourite? Click the pictures for a larger view and all pictures are without top coat.

In A Heart Beat - deep coral

In A Heart Beat – deep coral

Kiss Me Quick - soft rose pink

Kiss Me Quick – soft rose pink

Full Throttle - bright orange

Full Throttle – bright orange

Stop The Clock - dusty yellow

Stop The Clock – dusty yellow

Pole Position - mint green

Pole Position – mint green

Road Rage - dusty blue/green

Road Rage – dusty blue/green

Eat My Dust - blue/lavender

Eat My Dust – blue/lavender

Lap of Honour - dusty purple/pink

Lap of Honour – dusty purple/pink

Pit Stop - mushroomy grey

Pit Stop – mushroomy grey

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