A-England Roses

  A England Rose Individual

Beautiful polishes, beautiful flowers.

I really can’t get over how amazing the A England polishes are. One coat pretty much always covers everything (a couple of exceptions) and this nail art just proved it to me. Done entirely with A England polishes, I used “Briar Rose” for the main pink, “Fonteyn” for the highlights and “Saint George” for the leaves, all on a beautiful background of “Sleeping Palace“. All of these polishes have subtle sparkles in them except Fonteyn which is sheer holographic madness in larger quantities so this was a very bright manicure without being overwhelming. I didn’t have to glob on thick coats to cover the base either which is fantastic considering it’s such a deep colour in itself. This is definitely one I’ll be recreating in the future – if I do I will post a tutorial.

As always, click the pictures for a zoomed in view.

A England Roses

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