Mustard Shimmer

  Mustard Shimmer

A mix of Summer and Autumn.

I did this one around the start of September. The weather was still fairly sunny and summery but the leaves were starting to turn on the trees and the Autumn/Winter collection had just been released by Barry M. So I joined in with the in-between season and went for some summery glitter nails with a hint of Autumn. The base colour is Barry M “Mustard” from the Autumn/Winter 2014 collection and the glitter is A England “And the Moonbeams…”, one coat on all nails except the ring finger which had 2 coats. “And the Moonbeams” is available on and “Mustard” can be purchased from

As always, click the pictures for a zoomed in view.

Mustard Shimmer close up

In natural daylight

Mustard Shimmer in Shadow

In shadow

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