The contents of November's Meebox

November Meebox 004 Review

The contents of November's Meebox

The contents of November’s Meebox

Hello everyone!

I’ve received December’s Meebox this week so thought I should probably get November’s review up 😉 We’re back to normal this month with everyone receiving the same items so on with what’s in the box.

Cuccio Quick Dry Drops 2

Cuccio Quick Dry Drops

As always I’ll look at the tools/treatments first and we got yet more quick dry drops! These ones are from Cuccio. Since this would make 3 bottles that I had of varying brands they have been rehomed with a colleague. These retail for around £5.00.

Dr Remedy's Hydrating Treatment

Dr Remedy’s Hydrating Treatment

Next up is Dr Remedy’s Hydrating Treatment, a base coat that helps to strengthen your nails as well. I don’t usually bother with this kind of thing; strong is good but you still need it to be flexible. However if I keep up with my Bliss Kiss nail oil as well I should be ok. Plus I’m running out of base coat so will move on to this one once it finally dries up. This usually retails for around £15.00.

3 lovely nude shades

3 lovely nude shades

As this month’s theme was “Taupe to Me” all the polishes were nudes but all are different enough to each other to prove that nude isn’t boring!

Nubar Bottle Swatch 3

Nubar – Spark Prizm

First up is Nubar’s “Spark Prizm”. This is the one most of my colleagues appreciated the most due to the fact that whilst it’s a nude it still has a lovely sparkle built into it. I haven’t had a Nubar polish before and the formula didn’t seem bad but not one of the best I’ve used. I’m having issues finding a decent pricing for it but seems to be worth around £9.00.

Color Club Bottle Swatch 2

Color Club – Positively Posh

Next is Color Club’s “Positively Posh”. I love the rich chocolate colour of this one and the gorgeous shine on it. I think this will get a lot of use particularly with a rich gold or deep blue. Retails for around £5.00.

NCLA - Volume V

NCLA – Volume V

Finally we have NCLA’s “Volume V”. I can’t decide if I prefer this or Positively Posh, both are beautiful colours. Volume V is more subtle however so probably better for every day wear. Again this is a brand I’ve never had and the formula seems to go on quite nicely. This retails for around £12.00.

So once again a very worth box, getting around £46.00 of goodies for £20.00 (plus more of their gorgeous wrapping paper that I just can’t get enough of!).

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