So can Barry M Daylight Curing top coat be used with any polish and how does it compare? Read on to find out.

Barry M Daylight Curing Topcoat – Use with any polish?

A little bit of everything today. This is actually something I did way back at the end of April, partly as I had cut my nails right down and wanted a nice bit of art to cover them and partly because the Daylight Curing range had just been released by Barry M and I wanted … Continue reading Barry M Daylight Curing Topcoat – Use with any polish?

The offending bottles, "My Gecko Does Tricks" and the gold flake topper.

Golden Gecko

I can't help it, I'm weak willed. Whenever I go on holiday I have to buy some OPI; aside from the internet there's nowhere else I can get it and it might still not be cheap but it's cheaper at least! So this time when I went away I ended up picking up "My Gecko … Continue reading Golden Gecko

Left to right - The Shield, Glossy Glam and Base + Top Coat

Top Coat Comparison

Well quite typically as I come to write this post my top coat has let me down by performing wonderfully! The winner of this test (I shall not post spoilers ;)) has held up against an evening of cleaning and getting dowsed in all sorts of lovely chemicals with barely any damage. Annoying as I … Continue reading Top Coat Comparison

Vert (or Green French)

   Just a simple French Manicure. In green. I love green, it's my favourite colour. And sometimes I just can't be bothered doing anything fancy but don't want completely plain nails. So a French Manicure is the perfect thing to fall back on. Plus these two are my absolute favourite greens from the Barry M … Continue reading Vert (or Green French)

Bake Off for Cancer

  We had a Bake Off at work on Halloween this year for Breakthrough Breast Cancer to raise money (and well done Azzurri Aldridge, we raised £200!). As part of it we were all supposed to wear pink. I don't do pink, own no pink clothes at all so my solution? Pink nails! I did … Continue reading Bake Off for Cancer