Vert (or Green French)

   Just a simple French Manicure. In green. I love green, it's my favourite colour. And sometimes I just can't be bothered doing anything fancy but don't want completely plain nails. So a French Manicure is the perfect thing to fall back on. Plus these two are my absolute favourite greens from the Barry M … Continue reading Vert (or Green French)

Blue Wedding

Roses. I did these nails for a wedding that we didn't end up going to. I wanted something floral for the wedding theme and my dress was a summery blue just like this. The blue used is Barry M - "Seaside" and the silver is a Barry M foil effect nail paint. All polishes used … Continue reading Blue Wedding

80’s Trapdoor

Entry for an Instagram competition, the theme had to be 80's. I had a ton of ideas and most of them involved kids shows I loved in the 80's, Trapdoor being the best one by far. Black is "Black Cab" from Rimmel, the designs were done using Barry M white nail art pen to first … Continue reading 80’s Trapdoor

Strawberries and Cream

Just a little something I whipped up for when Wimbledon was on. I started with a base colour of Barry M - Blood Orange and Barry M - Matt White. All Barry M polishes are available from   I then used more Blood Orange and a small nail art brush to paint two small … Continue reading Strawberries and Cream