December's Nailbox contents

December Nailbox

My final review (for a while at least) of subscription boxes. I've had 6 Nailboxes and 5 Meeboxes now and as much as I love them I have enough polishes that I'm mainly getting dupes so sadly I've cancelled them. The tools this month were some Elegant Touch Professional Slanted Tweezers (I have tons of … Continue reading December Nailbox

Holly Christmas nails using the polishes from November's Nailbox

November Nailbox

Sorry, I'm so sorry! I'm sitting here with my Christmas tree twinkling, tinsel round the monitor and adorning my desk and feeling very guilty for a lack of blog updates. I had grand ideas of designs and inspiration, last minute gift ideas for nail lovers... well that all went out the window! So I'm finally … Continue reading November Nailbox

Octobers Nailbox Contents - possibly the best colours yet

October Nailbox

It's that time already for another months Nailbox and this months theme was Autumn. I was really looking forward to this box when they announced that and I wasn't disappointed. Well I was mildly but we'll get on to that and it certainly wasn't Nailbox's fault! First up with the tools we have some nail … Continue reading October Nailbox

Christmas Rockstar

             A Christmas Rockstar will be born. I love the simplicity of this look combined with the ridiculously shiny glitter. The Barry M Glitterati polish "Rock Star" is available from, the two Barry M Glitters "Starlight" and "Moonlight" are Christmas 2014 exclusives to Boots, the OPI Glitter Peel Off base can be bought from … Continue reading Christmas Rockstar

Halloween Inspiration

Just a few ideas for Halloween, hopefully they will inspire some of you.   Left to right: A (sort of) wolf head howling at the moon, spooky graveyard scene, cute little skeleton, bloody vampire fangs. Zombie nail, bleeding at the cuticles and covered with fresh dirt from digging out of my grave. I did this … Continue reading Halloween Inspiration


  Not much to say about this one, only took this one picture! I was in a sunny mood. The base for most of the colours was Rimmel "Sunshine", the orange is Barry M "Mango" and the polish on my ring finger is KB Shimmer "Blinded by the Bright". I used a dotting tool for … Continue reading Sunshine

80’s Trapdoor

Entry for an Instagram competition, the theme had to be 80's. I had a ton of ideas and most of them involved kids shows I loved in the 80's, Trapdoor being the best one by far. Black is "Black Cab" from Rimmel, the designs were done using Barry M white nail art pen to first … Continue reading 80’s Trapdoor

Easter Eggs

Another very old one, excuse the poor photo quality. I believe the base colours were Rimmel with some random nail art pens used for the details on the eggs.

Discworld Convention 2012

A very old one, I think this was Rimmel's "Black Cab" with some craft glitter I had to give myself "witchy" nails. Appropriate as I'm at the convention again in 3 days.

80’s Tiger Stripe

Entry for an Instagram competition, the theme had to be 80's so I was inspired by the bright animal prints.