Bliss Kiss nail oil - my nail saviour!

How to: refill your Bliss Kiss nail oil pen

I'm currently trying to keep my nails in perfect condition as I'm awaiting a new A England collection and need them long and beautiful to show off the swatches. My main way of doing this is to use lots of Bliss Kiss nail oil on them (check out my review here) and I've been meaning … Continue reading How to: refill your Bliss Kiss nail oil pen

Nail Care – Hints and Tips

I've been waiting the last week in anticipation of the new Russian Soul collection to turn up for the shop and each day it hasn't arrived I've been mortified. Not just because I'm impatient to try out the 5 new amazing colours (and A England colours are always amazing, let's face it), not just because … Continue reading Nail Care – Hints and Tips

12 Days of Blissmas – Bliss Kiss nail oil review

Sorry for the cheesy title but it had to be done! Bliss Kiss nail oil is probably my number one discovery for 2014. Read on for more info. There are a lot of comparison pictures on here but I've kept them to the bottom of the review so you don't have to scroll through them … Continue reading 12 Days of Blissmas – Bliss Kiss nail oil review

Barry M – Aquarium Collection review

Left to right: Caspian, Treasure Chest, Mediterranean, Arabian, Mermaid, Pacific, Persian, Atlantis Coverage: Glitters - to taste, 2 for Persian, Arabian and Pacific, 3 for Mediterranean and Caspian Drying time: Quick, 1 - 2 minutes Finish: On the whole excellent, can leave streaks and brush marks due to the duochrome formula so try not to … Continue reading Barry M – Aquarium Collection review