Finally I used a Models Own nail art pen to draw the black outlines on for the stained glass window. This helped make the rose look a bit more rose like

Beauty and the Beast

I've been excited but also anxious about the live action version of Beauty and the Beast. I went to see it today and had to have nails to match it. Anyone who loves the original Disney carton definitely needs to go and see this film, it was amazing. So true to it and the additions … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast

Inspiration for nail art

I'm usually sitting here thinking that I want to paint my nails but just don't know what to do. Not at the moment. I've got so much inspiration it's almost painful. I've got a ton of ideas written down or drawn out that I'd come up with anyway and I've recently started trying to figure … Continue reading Inspiration for nail art

Halloween Inspiration

Just a few ideas for Halloween, hopefully they will inspire some of you.   Left to right: A (sort of) wolf head howling at the moon, spooky graveyard scene, cute little skeleton, bloody vampire fangs. Zombie nail, bleeding at the cuticles and covered with fresh dirt from digging out of my grave. I did this … Continue reading Halloween Inspiration