A strange month

I realised I haven't posted at all this month, not even my usual fitness post. Whoops. It's been a very strange month for me though (October, the month of Halloween, spooky and strange!) and very up and down so I think I must have just needed the break. Right now I'm debating if 33 years … Continue reading A strange month

The gorgeous holographic vision of "Beggar Maid" and "In Robe and Crown" from A England

Beggar Maid In Robe and Crown

Autumn is all about golds, oranges, reds and browns for me. The beautiful colours as the leaves turn before dropping from the branches. I'm not feeling overly inspired to do my nails recently but looking back over some that I haven't posted I came across this and it just feels simple but effective. I might … Continue reading Beggar Maid In Robe and Crown

Final shot, love this picture too. Such a perfect rose and these were my two best nails as well

Valentines nails 2017

I don't actually celebrate Valentines but oh well, sometimes you just have to go with the flow and do the nails anyway. Plus I got caught on my way to work by our local BBC radio "out on the streets" guy and did a 30 second interview in exchange for a rose which was the … Continue reading Valentines nails 2017

Wintery sunrise nails

Winter Sunrise nails

I feel I've been doing too many gradients recently but they're so easy to do and I love the way they look. This one was inspired by a sunrise one morning as I was walking in to work. I loved the way the sun was just popping up over the horizon and the gold on … Continue reading Winter Sunrise nails

Nude Christmas! OPI "Sprung" and Barry M "Vanilla"

Nude Christmas

Ooo-er matron! Sounds a bit racy doesn't it?! Ok so it's not quite December but I came across this one that I hadn't posted last year and I loved the nails so will probably redo them this year. Only one picture I'm afraid. The bronze polish is "Sprung" from OPI and the nude is "Vanilla" … Continue reading Nude Christmas

Russian Incense featuring my two favourite polishes and some watermarbling

Russian Incense nails

Today's nail art is a little bit summer and a little bit autumn. It is using my two favourite A England nail polishes, "Incense Burner" and "Katyusha". You can't really see it in any of these pictures but "Incense Burner" has a gorgeous green overtone to it in the right lighting conditions. I still stare … Continue reading Russian Incense nails

There's holographicness! Sort of...

Bestie Twin Nails Gradient

I've featured some nails by @scallyann before when she did a fantastic manicure using A England polishes. This time we did the whole bestie twin nails thing; she sent me a WhatsApp with the below inspiring pictures and we just had to do this. So after a bit of a discussion on what colours to … Continue reading Bestie Twin Nails Gradient

31 Day Challenge Prompts

31 Day Challenge 2015

So I'm going to bite the bullet. Maybe it's my version of a mid-life crisis, maybe I'm just as insane as everyone always says I am but I'm going to do the 31 day challenge this year. Not heard of it before? Go take a look over at Chalkboard Nails FAQ on it. The basic … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge 2015

Inspiration for nail art

I'm usually sitting here thinking that I want to paint my nails but just don't know what to do. Not at the moment. I've got so much inspiration it's almost painful. I've got a ton of ideas written down or drawn out that I'd come up with anyway and I've recently started trying to figure … Continue reading Inspiration for nail art

Halloween Inspiration

Just a few ideas for Halloween, hopefully they will inspire some of you.   Left to right: A (sort of) wolf head howling at the moon, spooky graveyard scene, cute little skeleton, bloody vampire fangs. Zombie nail, bleeding at the cuticles and covered with fresh dirt from digging out of my grave. I did this … Continue reading Halloween Inspiration