This is how much I love GBBO - I did nails especially for it in 2015. There was even a promotion on the A England polishes I used in my shop.

A Great British Bake Off dilemma

"The Great British Bake Off". In recent years this has become one of the big iconic programmes. Forget "A Game of Thrones". Forget "The Walking Dead". "Breaking Bad" is so out of style. This year though, this year is going to be one to remember. A turning point in all our lives. For it is … Continue reading A Great British Bake Off dilemma

Nick Spalding books

I've been reading a lot again recently, something I had stopped for ages despite always being one of those kids with my nose in a book. I have a pretty wide taste when it comes to books, certainly wider than I do in TV or films where I'm quite picky. I've recently discovered an author … Continue reading Nick Spalding books