Motivation to lose weight

Health and fitness – May 2017

Here we go, the reset that I mentioned in my last health and fitness post. Obviously the starting stats aren't going to be great, that's the point of needing this reset but it will make it look better when I succeed this time, right? As I said in the previous post, I'm going to include … Continue reading Health and fitness – May 2017

Fitness Weight month 8

Health and fitness post #8 01/02/2017

It's that time again! It seems to have come round really quickly this time, where has January gone? Weight loss goals Yay! What a loss, happy to be down 7 pounds. I haven't done anything too drastic either; I'm still snacking most evenings and have had some horrendously bad days as well but they have … Continue reading Health and fitness post #8 01/02/2017