In Robe and Stripes

Happy New Year to everyone! Let's kick this off with the first nail post of the year. This is the design I went for over New Year's Eve although I didn't get a chance to do clean up properly as I was getting shoved out the door by my boyfriend. I wouldn't mind but we … Continue reading In Robe and Stripes

Green Randomness

A quick post today, this was done back at the start of January when I was off work with a horrible chest infection. That's my excuse for the poor job anyway! I need to recreate this one as I think it could look pretty good but this wasn't the best manicure. I failed to catch … Continue reading Green Randomness

Super Shiny Watermarble

  Metallic AND holographic. I went through a bit of a metallic and watermarble phase and I just love how this one turned out. It did take me a long time to get it right (about 4 hours one Sunday afternoon, 2 of my nails just would not marble without smudging!) but in the end … Continue reading Super Shiny Watermarble

Holy Stripes

I'm in love with A England at the moment so couldn't resist this when I first got my hands on "Holy Grail (new edition)" and "Saint George". I painted my nails completely gold first with Holy Grail then used striping tape to mark off the double stripes before adding one coat of Saint George.