We also finally finished the cage extension. The bottom two levels were actually just a storage part before so now they have around 60% extra space to explore whilst in the cage and they love it. So much they hardly come out when we let them anymore!

Christmas degus

This year we're not bothering to decorate the flat for Christmas. The main reason is that we usually have the tree up in the gaming room as this is where we spend all our time and of course you want to have the tree where you'll enjoy it. However this is our first year with … Continue reading Christmas degus

I still love it when they sleep on me. They do sleep in weird positions though

9 months of degu ownership

Well nearly 9 months. More like 8 and a half but who's going to argue? Some days it feels like about 3 weeks, other days I think I've aged a lifetime! Having degus is what I imagine having kids is like (except I like degus - I am not a child person). Exhausting, frustrating at … Continue reading 9 months of degu ownership

Degus eating their house

Animals as individuals

I'm a huge animal lover and always have been. I grew up with multiple pets, I am a horse rider and I will choose spending time with animals over people any day. Many people have remarked they're surprised that my career choice has never included veterinary work. So sometimes to me it seems very odd … Continue reading Animals as individuals

I am one with the hay

Degu diet

I will finish my story of how I got my goos but I wanted to write up something a little more interesting (to me at least). The really good posts will be when I tell of all their crazy antics but for now I'm interested in their diet. Sorry! Degus have to have a very … Continue reading Degu diet

Goo biographies

  Want to know a bit more in depth about our loveable, crazy little degus? We currently have two little brothers although they've completely captured my heart so eventually I'd love more. Two for now is enough of a handful though! We don't know their exact birthday but based on what we were told (8 … Continue reading Goo biographies