New nerd category

Welcome to the new section of my blog "Nerding Out". You may have gathered that I can be a bit of a geek/nerd/gamer (or maybe you haven't, have I hidden it well?) and I recently found some old forum posts I'd made from when I first played Oblivion and Skyrim when they were first released. … Continue reading New nerd category

Spring inspiration, even in the middle of a horrible concrete town there can be little patches of beauty

Slow down and enjoy life

I've been thinking about doing this post for a few days now and then I read this post over at Thirteen Thoughts today and it really sums a lot of it up for me. I actually came to the conclusion in a very roundabout way but it applies to a lot of things in life. … Continue reading Slow down and enjoy life

Everyone likes to be nosy in other peoples homes right? Well come and see where I do my nails :)

Take a Peek: My Nail Station

Admit it, you all know you love to see inside other people's lives and check out where they work. Well now you can have a little look around my new desk that I got a couple of months ago; mainly it's my PC desk but I also wanted one with more surface area so I … Continue reading Take a Peek: My Nail Station