I love the way the flash caught the stud on this one.

A England Love Hearts

This is quite an old manicure now, I really need to stay more up to date with my nail art. I just can't help it though, I get so carried away with doing new designs and tweaking the pictures that I lose momentum for the actual posting. Cut a girl some slack! I did this … Continue reading A England Love Hearts

Solo shot of the nails. The more foil-like silver is Excalibur Renaissance, the other is Encore Margot; you can't see it in these pictures but it's a holographic polish

Scallyann Sunday!

We have a special post today, featuring a lovely manicure by my friend/colleague/fellow nail nut the talented @Scallyann (Instagram). She did a similar one to this ages ago but it didn't last long enough to get pictures so she has remastered it using A England polishes (all available on the shop) and personally I think … Continue reading Scallyann Sunday!

Silver and Purple Gradient

Apparently I only managed to take really blurry, rubbish photos of this manicure so apologies. This was inspired by my ring as seen below and was done using "Guinevere" and "Excalibur" from A England. "Excalibur" in particular is a real beauty as it has golden hints to it in the right light. As always, click … Continue reading Silver and Purple Gradient

Stringy Metal

Elegant nude with metallic details. I'm completely in love with this manicure. I've never tried the base colour before (Barry M - Vanilla which I picked up cheap when our Tesco was getting rid of their Barry M's) and fell in love with it on its own. I've also never tried the "stringing" technique before … Continue reading Stringy Metal