Istaria characters

Istaria is a fantastic MMO that is around 15 years old now. Few people know about it and it does look dated but is still one of the best I’ve played. The detail in the animation is incredible and beats games made this year (even if the overall graphics are old and blocky compared to … Continue reading Istaria characters

I love the way the flash caught the stud on this one.

A England Love Hearts

This is quite an old manicure now, I really need to stay more up to date with my nail art. I just can't help it though, I get so carried away with doing new designs and tweaking the pictures that I lose momentum for the actual posting. Cut a girl some slack! I did this … Continue reading A England Love Hearts

Left hand outside in daylight, just to get a bit of the sparkle going. I messed up the birds on this hand but it still looks ok

Sun and spring

Sun and leaves and birds and SPARKLE I needed some sparkle. The sun had been out then we had a really grey day so I got out some Holy Grail (the old, discontinued version) as it's such a lovely sparkly sunny colour. After a rummage through my bundle monster plates I found these lovely leaves … Continue reading Sun and spring

Saint George Bunting

Happy Saint George's Day! I probably should have had this tutorial up before today so you could all sport this design today but... well never mind. Really pleased with how it turned out and I'm sure this design could be adapted for lots of holidays and festivals. I also feel I should have put more … Continue reading Saint George Bunting

Urban Dawn

  It's reached that time of year where I get to see the sun rise while I walk to work and set as I walk home. I may hate living in a large town but I must admit we get some beautiful colours in the sky and that's what inspired this lovely gradient. I also … Continue reading Urban Dawn

Green Randomness

A quick post today, this was done back at the start of January when I was off work with a horrible chest infection. That's my excuse for the poor job anyway! I need to recreate this one as I think it could look pretty good but this wasn't the best manicure. I failed to catch … Continue reading Green Randomness