Wear the lilac and speak his name 2017

12th March 2015 - the year we lost my favourite author Sir Terry Pratchett. In one of his books his characters pay tribute every year to a disaster that happened by "wearing the lilac", something akin to wearing a poppy every year to remember World War 1. So fans of the Discworld series now "wear … Continue reading Wear the lilac and speak his name 2017

One of Terry's 3(!) lecturns along with various Terry hats that was on the stage in the main room all weekend

International Discworld Convention 2016

I'm a huge Terry Pratchett fan and have been obsessed with the Discworld novels along with his other books since 1996. I eventually found out that there are conventions every 2 years in the UK (along with many others around the world) and finally got to my first one in 2010. I do hope to … Continue reading International Discworld Convention 2016

Day 23: Inspired by a movie. The greatest movie of all time, Rocky Horror Picture Show! Which is also celebrating it's 40th anniversary this month so quite appropriate.

31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4

We're almost there! It's been so much fun but so much work too and I'm losing steam a little bit (really not helped by the fact I now have the new A England collection and want to do nothing but wear that and stare at it all day). I will miss the challenge when it's … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4