A England – Tudoresque collection

The new Tudoresque collection from A England. As usual Adina has done a fabulous collection. This one surprised me as it's 8 beautiful new shades. In almost 3 years now as a stockist I haven't seen such a large release all in one go although quite a lot of shades have been discontinued recently so … Continue reading A England – Tudoresque collection

Tennyson's Romance inspiration

A England – Tennyson’s Romance Collection

Left to right: Angel Grace, King Cophetua, In Robe and Crown, Shall Be My Queen, The Beggar Maid Coverage: all can very easily be 1 coat wonders Drying time: Approx 1 minute Finish: Holographic, shiny, no streaks   Hardwearing: To be tested I'm sure I've said it before, I hate it when Adina releases a … Continue reading A England – Tennyson’s Romance Collection

Day 23: Inspired by a movie. The greatest movie of all time, Rocky Horror Picture Show! Which is also celebrating it's 40th anniversary this month so quite appropriate.

31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4

We're almost there! It's been so much fun but so much work too and I'm losing steam a little bit (really not helped by the fact I now have the new A England collection and want to do nothing but wear that and stare at it all day). I will miss the challenge when it's … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4

Rossettis Goddess Collection


Hi everyone Just a quickie today to say I'm home from my holiday, shipping has resumed as normal on the shop and we also finally have the new Rossetti's Goddess collection in stock, including a fantastic bundle deal that offers all 4 polishes for £30.00! So what are you waiting for? 😉

Rossettis Goddess Collection

A England – Rossetti’s Goddess collection

Left to right: Captive Goddess, Incense Burner, Jane Morris, Proserpine Coverage: 2 coats for all, could get away with 1 Drying time: Approx 1 minute Finish: Holographic, shiny, no streaks   Hardwearing: To be tested I thought the Elizabeth & Mary collection was amazing. You haven't seen anything until you see this collection. I was … Continue reading A England – Rossetti’s Goddess collection

A England – Elizabeth & Mary Collection

Left to right: Gloriana, Fotheringay Castle, Queen of Scots, Crown of Thistles, Virgin Queen Coverage: 1 coat for all Drying time: Approx 1 minute Finish: Shiny, no streaks, no patches   Hardwearing: To be tested The amazing Adina over at A England has done it yet again. This is the new collection "Elizabeth & Mary" … Continue reading A England – Elizabeth & Mary Collection

Barry M – Aquarium Collection review

Left to right: Caspian, Treasure Chest, Mediterranean, Arabian, Mermaid, Pacific, Persian, Atlantis Coverage: Glitters - to taste, 2 for Persian, Arabian and Pacific, 3 for Mediterranean and Caspian Drying time: Quick, 1 - 2 minutes Finish: On the whole excellent, can leave streaks and brush marks due to the duochrome formula so try not to … Continue reading Barry M – Aquarium Collection review

Barry M – Silk Collection review

Left to right: Blossom, Poppy, Meadow, Forest, Mist, Heather, Orchid, Truffle, Pearl Coverage: 2 for all Drying time: Quick, 1 - 2 minutes Finish: Perfect! No streaks or see through areas, best without a top coat but can be glossed up with one   Hardwearing: Poppy and Forest - 5 days (full days of typing … Continue reading Barry M – Silk Collection review

Barry M – Autumn Collection 2014 review

Left to right: Chilli, Paprika, Mustard, Cardamom, Chai, Cocoa Coverage: 1 for Cardamom, 2 for the rest Drying time: Average, a couple of minutes Finish: Perfect! No streaks or see through areas   Hardwearing: Cardamom and Chai - 4 days, some housework, some sewing and 2 days at work (typing). Mustard - 5 days, mostly … Continue reading Barry M – Autumn Collection 2014 review