Neon Marble

I treated myself to neons from Models Own back in January when they had a sale. So what better than to combine them with the beautiful black "Camelot" from A England in a funky watermarble? It came out quite well, I'm sure I could do better though. As always, click the pictures for a larger … Continue reading Neon Marble

Swirly Glitter

I had a very glittery phase about a month ago. This was probably the peak of it. I wanted all the glitter so I put all the glitter on. It was very distracting and made me very happy at work! I was also quite impressed with the swirls I did and particularly as I think … Continue reading Swirly Glitter

Saint George Bunting

Happy Saint George's Day! I probably should have had this tutorial up before today so you could all sport this design today but... well never mind. Really pleased with how it turned out and I'm sure this design could be adapted for lots of holidays and festivals. I also feel I should have put more … Continue reading Saint George Bunting

Barry M – Sunset Daylight Curing polish

Coverage: 3 thin coats or 2 thicker Drying time: Quick, 1 minute Finish: Shiny, very like the Gelly range even before applying the top coat. "Like a Nude" is slightly sheer even after 3 coats   Hardwearing: 8 days including incidents with knives and me picking, potentially longer Barry M's latest collection is jumping on … Continue reading Barry M – Sunset Daylight Curing polish

Easter Eggs

Easter! We all love the chocolate eggs and I just couldn't resist after seeing this pattern on MoYou Professional 3 stamping plate; it reminds me of the pattern carved into most Easter eggs. My placement of the stamp is still a little off (this is only my second proper attempt at stamping) but I'm pretty … Continue reading Easter Eggs

Barry M – February 2015 Gellys

Coverage: 2 coats Drying time: 2 - 3 minutes Finish: Excellent, super shiny and brush mark free   Hardwearing: To be tested February 2015 additions to the existing Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly collection. Nothing fancy here, just 3 new lovely spring colours for the existing Hi-Shine Gelly collection. If you've used them before you know … Continue reading Barry M – February 2015 Gellys

Hair Reborn

I know, strange title. This was inspired by a new hairstyle I chose for my character on Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn so it does make sense, honest. It's a sort of mini tutorial as well on striping tape - mini because I didn't really take any step by step pictures, just one part way … Continue reading Hair Reborn

Barry M – Speedy Quick Dry Collection

Coverage: 3 thin coats or 2 thicker (3 still for Lap of Honour/Kiss Me Quick) Drying time: Quick, 1 minute Finish: On the whole excellent, can leave streaks and brush marks due to how fast it dries so don't go over it if you can help it   Hardwearing: 4 to 5 days (typing, washing … Continue reading Barry M – Speedy Quick Dry Collection

Urban Dawn

  It's reached that time of year where I get to see the sun rise while I walk to work and set as I walk home. I may hate living in a large town but I must admit we get some beautiful colours in the sky and that's what inspired this lovely gradient. I also … Continue reading Urban Dawn

Stringy Metal

Elegant nude with metallic details. I'm completely in love with this manicure. I've never tried the base colour before (Barry M - Vanilla which I picked up cheap when our Tesco was getting rid of their Barry M's) and fell in love with it on its own. I've also never tried the "stringing" technique before … Continue reading Stringy Metal