Black and Gold

Black and Gold

A quick post today, it seems that as I'm going through all my old posts I either took around 1 million too many pictures of each manicure or 2. These were actually my nails for my work Christmas party and I loved them. Might have to give it another go. The black is "Camelot" by … Continue reading Black and Gold

Meet Mr Sparkles the Unicorn!

Mr Sparkles the Unicorn

Meet Mr Sparkles the Unicorn! I was in an odd mood when I had these on my nails and named him then kept pestering my boyfriend, telling him to speak to Mr Sparkles and all sorts of random stuff. What can I say? 🙂 I blame how incredibly pretty Captive Goddess is. All polishes used … Continue reading Mr Sparkles the Unicorn

Neon Marble

I treated myself to neons from Models Own back in January when they had a sale. So what better than to combine them with the beautiful black "Camelot" from A England in a funky watermarble? It came out quite well, I'm sure I could do better though. As always, click the pictures for a larger … Continue reading Neon Marble