We also finally finished the cage extension. The bottom two levels were actually just a storage part before so now they have around 60% extra space to explore whilst in the cage and they love it. So much they hardly come out when we let them anymore!

Christmas degus

This year we're not bothering to decorate the flat for Christmas. The main reason is that we usually have the tree up in the gaming room as this is where we spend all our time and of course you want to have the tree where you'll enjoy it. However this is our first year with … Continue reading Christmas degus

This is what we brought them home in and they still managed to evade Niall's hand!

The degus come home

Finally the cage was here, it was set up and only missing one thing. The degus themselves. I dialled a taxi then we rushed out to Pets at Home. We'd checked the previous weekend that they still had some in stock and they had 4 boys who had been there for a while. Usually they … Continue reading The degus come home

Why choose degus?

Most people have never heard of degus. I'd never heard of them until I went into Pets at Home in Hull on my way over to France way back in 2010. I was with Dad and we were killing time waiting to be able to go to the ferry terminal and ended up wandering in … Continue reading Why choose degus?