(Repost) Demon, thy name is Waterstones

(This is an old post I’ve moved over from a blog I used to have. I wanted to get rid of the blog but save some of the posts. The original was posted on 26/08/2009.) Waterstones is pure evil. I should never set foot in that shop if I know what's good for me. But … Continue reading (Repost) Demon, thy name is Waterstones

Reading habits

I was reading this article over on Cup of Jo and it got me to thinking about how I read and other people read. The concept of 'binge reading' to me seems weird... isn't this how you're supposed to read? I just can't understand how you would pick up a book if you only have … Continue reading Reading habits

Nick Spalding books

I've been reading a lot again recently, something I had stopped for ages despite always being one of those kids with my nose in a book. I have a pretty wide taste when it comes to books, certainly wider than I do in TV or films where I'm quite picky. I've recently discovered an author … Continue reading Nick Spalding books

Day 23: Inspired by a movie. The greatest movie of all time, Rocky Horror Picture Show! Which is also celebrating it's 40th anniversary this month so quite appropriate.

31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4

We're almost there! It's been so much fun but so much work too and I'm losing steam a little bit (really not helped by the fact I now have the new A England collection and want to do nothing but wear that and stare at it all day). I will miss the challenge when it's … Continue reading 31 Day Challenge #31dc2015 – Week 4