Holy Stripes

I'm in love with A England at the moment so couldn't resist this when I first got my hands on "Holy Grail (new edition)" and "Saint George". I painted my nails completely gold first with Holy Grail then used striping tape to mark off the double stripes before adding one coat of Saint George.

Royal Treasure

I love this combination and a friend also loved it so much I had to recreate it on her! The base is a Fearne polish given to me by another friend called "High Tide" and the glitter is Barry M - "Treasure Chest".

England Lion

My England lion for the World Cup 2014 with England flags. I was going to do 3 but the size they'd have to be would be ridiculous. Polishes used were Barry M - Blood Orange and Matt White for the flags and a Model's Own art pen for the lion.

Easter Eggs

Another very old one, excuse the poor photo quality. I believe the base colours were Rimmel with some random nail art pens used for the details on the eggs.