Watery Gradient with crackle

Watery Gradient

Just a quick post today as I'm messing about with the blog layout and the shop a bit plus planning posts (I have so many reviews/tutorials/nail arts waiting it's ridiculous). I'm also super excited as I have a new desk coming on Saturday for my PC, however it's a larger one than I currently have … Continue reading Watery Gradient

Lazy Water

Lazy gradient I was in a lazy mood when I did this. I wanted a gradient but without walking to the bathroom to get my sponges. So first I put on a base coat of Barry M "Guava". "Guava" can be purchased on http://www.barrym.com. I then used A England "Order of the Garter" (available on … Continue reading Lazy Water

Teal Glitter

Teal glitter. Sometimes you just need a little glitter. Or a lot. Both polishes are available from http://www.barrym.com First I put on a base of Barry M - "Pacific" from the Aquarium collection. Then on all fingers aside from my ring I used a couple of coats of Barry M - "Aqua Glitter" and topped … Continue reading Teal Glitter