Why blog?

I sometimes wonder why I blog and it's nice to reflect on the reasons. They change from time to time which I think is a good thing; it keeps it fresh and stops me getting bored. I'm an odd mix of creativity and science. I love logic and hard reasoning but also enjoy creating things … Continue reading Why blog?

Cushing’s Symptoms

I've found a great blog that has a lot of information around Cushing's and related issues. It is run by a sufferer, not anyone medically trained but she has done so much research to understand her own illness that it is a great resource. Obviously it can't replace true medical information but it definitely helps. … Continue reading Cushing’s Symptoms

Tristram’s birthday promo

Head on over to shop.polishedpevil.com or just click the link at the top of the blog. Snap up your favourite shades cheap while you can!

A long and winding road

It's time to explain why I'm not posting much and why you'll probably get a bit fed up if you followed this blog for nail art and reviews. I do still fully intend to keep up with the other sections but it's something that will fall by the wayside somewhat and posts will probably remain … Continue reading A long and winding road

My journey with Factor V so far

This is a very long overdue post. As in about 8 months overdue, oops! I finally found out last November what the cause of my blood clot was. I have Factor V. It was quite¬† a long, drawn out process to find out the cause but I'm so glad now that I know. I finished … Continue reading My journey with Factor V so far

Quick catch up

Well so much for starting a new year all positive and motivated! Unfortunately the year hasn't gone as well as I'd planned so far, medically, personally and professionally so the blog has fallen by the wayside somewhat. However I do intend to get back on here properly so keep an eye out. The new collection … Continue reading Quick catch up

A England – Tudoresque collection

The new Tudoresque collection from A England. As usual Adina has done a fabulous collection. This one surprised me as it's 8 beautiful new shades. In almost 3 years now as a stockist I haven't seen such a large release all in one go although quite a lot of shades have been discontinued recently so … Continue reading A England – Tudoresque collection