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Take time for yourself

It's so easy to look back and see what you should've done isn't it? Or take a look at the advice that at the time you knew was good but would probably be ok to ignore. You feel an obligation and put your own needs aside; sometimes this is a good thing but sometimes you … Continue reading Take time for yourself

Skyrim – Shadria

I'm starting out my nerding with a brand new character in Skyrim. As I'm on the PC I got the updated special edition for free a while ago and now seems the perfect time to test it out. I've forgotten a lot of the stuff I did before with my old, traditional character (a nord … Continue reading Skyrim – Shadria

My fitness book

Health and Fitness – September 2017

I nearly forgot about the post this month which isn't a good thing since it's on my boyfriend's birthday. Luckily I didn't forget the birthday or I'd be in real trouble. I've had another mixed bag of results really this month but it's going slowly in the right direction. Very slowly. My determination at the … Continue reading Health and Fitness – September 2017

New nerd category

Welcome to the new section of my blog "Nerding Out". You may have gathered that I can be a bit of a geek/nerd/gamer (or maybe you haven't, have I hidden it well?) and I recently found some old forum posts I'd made from when I first played Oblivion and Skyrim when they were first released. … Continue reading New nerd category

This is how much I love GBBO - I did nails especially for it in 2015. There was even a promotion on the A England polishes I used in my shop.

A Great British Bake Off dilemma

"The Great British Bake Off". In recent years this has become one of the big iconic programmes. Forget "A Game of Thrones". Forget "The Walking Dead". "Breaking Bad" is so out of style. This year though, this year is going to be one to remember. A turning point in all our lives. For it is … Continue reading A Great British Bake Off dilemma

Sometimes we don’t need encouragement

I'm not a big blog reader. If I'm in the mood to read I'd rather read a book or if I'm at the computer I want to be gaming but sometimes I have a little look through the 'Discover' feature here on WordPress or have a browse over on Bloglovin' and I will find some … Continue reading Sometimes we don’t need encouragement

Health and fitness – August 2017

I'm just going to look embarassed and shuffle my feet a little bit. This month really didn't go well again. I'm not even going to bother explaining myself as it's all just excuses. At the end of the day it doesn't matter what the reason is, I have the willpower to just say no so … Continue reading Health and fitness – August 2017