The Elder Scrolls Online Characters

A list of my characters in The Elder Scrolls Online. I play it very much like I play the other Elder Scrolls game so there is more roleplay in these than with my WoW characters. Despite starting it back in beta I haven’t played very much so I don’t know all the ins and outs. I’m also trying not to go ahead and look everything up as I find it makes the game more enjoyable so I may join some guilds or activities then realise later down the line it doesn’t really suit them and stop mid-way through the quest lines.

Pevil – Nord – Templar

Pevil is my first character in any game. In The Elder Scrolls she’s always a paladin-type Nord. She also often crafts. Since she’s my first (and often only) character in a game she’ll tend to do everything so it can be a bit hard to narrow down her skills. In TESO she’s sticking mainly to the more warrior-like activities so she’s part of the Fighters Guild and is interested in blacksmithing. To fit with the paladin theme her weapons of choice are a sword and shield or a restoration staff and she likes to wear heavy armour. She does enjoy knowledge and learning though and of course helping people out so I’ve also joined the Antiquarians Circle and the Bards College with her. In Skyrim she was a werewolf so this may be something else that happens to her later down the road.

Zordraak – Orc – Dragonknight

Zordraak will probably honour his Orcish routes and go for an axe and shield or possibly a two-handed weapon. He isn’t necessarily your typical berserker type but he does have a bit of a temper so when he loses it he won’t hold back. He does however try not to very often as he dislikes the view that his people are uncivilised. As such he tends to wear medium armour in an attempt not to appear warlike or primitive.

Morthren – Khajiit – Nightblade

My Khajiit in The Elder Scrolls is usually a thief and assassin who sneaks everywhere and kills things with bows. As such, Morthren will most likely take the stealthy route where possible and wear medium armour to enable this sneaking whilst still providing some protection. He will certainly join the Dark Brotherhood and may join the Thieves guild. I’m considering bows with a backup of daggers for his weapons. He’ll also take up clothworking to ensure his clothes don’t give him away when infiltrating places.

Beaulieu – Bosmer – Warden

Beaulieu is a new character for me and will most likely be a typical wood elf with a love of bows. Due to this she will of course take up woodworking so she can craft her own weapons. She uses medium armour for some protection whilst remaining fairly agile. I may also join the Undaunted with her.

Shadria – Altmer – Sorceror

Shadria is your typical high elf; she thinks a lot of herself and her own abilities and as such is keen on the magical arts. Her preferred spells revolve around lightning so she uses a storm destruction staff and wears light armour. Metal would not be a good idea around her! The only metal she has are the pieces required to hold her many jewels. She’s a bit of a magpie and as such has learnt jewelcrafting. She’s part of both the Mages guild and the Psijic order.

Vialette – Dunmer – Sorceror

Vialette is not your typical dark elf. She doesn’t hate the other races for looking down on her, she simply accepts it and gets on with things. This attitude of not caring what others think has led her to do many things differently to the norm. As such she likes to dual wield despite primarily using magic. She also enjoys enchanting things to meet exactly her needs. It does lead her into some sticky situations though so it stands a good chance she will encounter a vampire and be persuaded to join them.

Tian – Argonian – Necromancer

My Argonian is usually one that doesn’t get much play in the singleplayer games, simply because I often envisage him as being more of a lone wanderer who shies away from combat and prefers to simply live off the land. I decided to honour those origins by making my TESO version a necromancer who concentrates on healing people. He won’t get many corpses to fuel his necromancy that way but he just can’t help himself. He will join the Mages guild (if he can keep his dark magics secret from them).

Lutze – Imperial – Dragonknight

Lutze is, like my WoW character, based on the monk from the Discworld novels. I’ve even tried to make the character look like him. Being somewhat of a pacifist who can fight when he needs to, I decided the easiest way to represent that was to use a one-handed weapon and shield. I think he would probably wear light armour as he tends to dress in monk robes in the books. I’m also going to set him up doing provisioning.

Esme – Breton – Warden

Esme is based on Esmerelda Weatherwax, also known as Granny Weatherwax, from the Discworld novels. She’s a strong-minded witch with a talent for headology (think of it as psychology) and communing with the animals by ‘borrowing’ their minds. As such a warden seemed to suit her. I will also take alchemy on her; although other witches are said to be better with potions and herbs than Granny she still holds her own and is regarded as one of the best witches all round to live on the Discworld. She’ll certainly wear light armour but I’m not sure what weapons she’ll use yet. Again I’ve tried to make her look like the book character who is described as being handsome rather than pretty or beautiful, usually wears her hair in a no-nonsense, iron-hard bun and has icy blue eyes. There’s an interesting book with her where she out-vampires some vampires so she may get turned at some point.

? – Redguard – ? – not sure what this character will be yet, mainly because I only have nine character slots unlocked! For just the one extra though I might as well have one of each race.

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