(Repost) Patience

(This is an old post I’ve moved over from a blog I used to have. I wanted to get rid of the blog but save some of the posts. The original was posted on 12/03/2010.)

This came to me last night whilst I was trying to get to sleep. The amount of patience that people lack is incredible. Of course this is based on things I realised about people I know so I shall put a disclaimer in here. If you read this and think it is directed at you or is a criticism… well it probably is but if you’re someone I know then obviously I love you regardless so don’t hate me for it! Of course I also realise that I’m guilty of some of the following as well and will freely admit it.

I’m not quite sure why this came to me. I was just lying in bed trying to get to sleep when it flashed into my brain. Maybe it was due to the fact that Krissy and I usually have quite in depth conversations on our way back from Jay’s or just the fact that I was half asleep. Either way for some reason I started to think about how people have no patience these days about anything. It’s something I’ve considered before now but never really properly, more just a “Tsk, why can’t people just wait?” fleeting thought.

I think it most days at the bus stop. You see people running for the bus, despite the fact that the 404 is every 6 minutes most of the time. So unless you’re already late you’re never really going to make much difference in the timing of your journey and if you are already late… well you’re late, what does it matter if it’s 10 or 16 minutes? I never run for the bus unless it’s to get to work on time on a Sunday when it’s every half an hour and even then I usually don’t bother as I’m due a half an hour break so I just won’t take that if I’m late. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I grew up in a rural town where a 6 minute service would seem like paradise. There are trains either way, Hull or Scarborough, every half an hour I think it is and buses are pretty much once an hour either way. After you get used to that, a 6 minute wait is nothing. These same people who run for the bus will also stop and throw their hands up in disgust if they just miss it. Chill out people and just wait.

Of course this then leads on to queuing. The English population is renowned for being good at queuing! However you could have fooled me on that one. People push in at the bus stop, even if a bus is empty and only 10 people want to get on it. They tut and sigh if you dare to wait for others to get off, as if they’re going to be made immensely late by your misplaced politeness.

I also hate it in shops when people are queuing and they start making comments about the staff because they’ve had to wait a whole 5 minutes. Certainly from a sales assistants point of view, all I have to say is deal with it. If someone returns a faulty game I have to label it as faulty and how it is faulty. I’m sorry if you don’t like that this takes 30 seconds to do but would you prefer I leave it on the back counter for later, forget about it and accidentally end up selling it to you at a later date? No, I’m sure you wouldn’t.

Speaking of games I also don’t understand people who rush to finish games then complain they’re too short. Yes, before anyone says it, I complain games are too short all the time but that’s usually the kind that cost £40 and are finished with in 4 hours regardless of if you rush or not. No, I’m talking about RPGs and MMOs, the kind of game designed to last you for weeks. The second or third time through, by all means rush. You’ve seen the story, know the mechanics and that’s that. But the first time? Savour it, learn the story, discover what drives each character, take time to figure out how each skill or spell works.

Especially with an MMO many people, myself included, feel pressured to reach ‘end game’ so that you can join your friends raiding and perfecting your gear. However once you reach there, you’ll find there is actually very little to do. The same thing day in day out will soon get far more frustrating than not being max level. Logging on for an hour every day to do the same 25 quests over and over just to get gold to spend on the same elixirs to use against the same bosses each week… it can’t stay fresh and exciting for long. Trust me on this.

We might as well all practise patience. Being impatient is just yet another form of stress and guess what, that’s just like being impatient for the end! Calm down, practise waiting and you’ll enjoy life a lot more.

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