(Repost) Gamers anonymous

(This is an old post I’ve moved over from a blog I used to have. I wanted to get rid of the blog but save some of the posts. The original was posted on 08/08/2009.)

Hello everyone, my name is Caz and I’ve been a gaming addict for 9 years.

I’m slowly losing my interest in video games. Partly out of boredom, partly out of the fact I can’t afford them and partly because they’re just the same thing released over and over again with a new skin on them. There are still a couple I frequent; The Sims 3 as it’s easy to leave running whilst doing chores or another activity and it’s interesting to see what happens to the families, World of Warcraft mainly due only to the collecting aspect (I’m into the mounts and minipets at the moment but avoiding raiding) and the fact I know a few people in real life who play it so it’s interesting to discuss it, and finally Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as two of my colleagues wish to see how an RPG-fan-never-seen-star-wars finds it.

The past few months, since March really, I’ve not been gaming a huge amount. Of course I was stopped in March by my elbow operation (or at least consigned to only playing the DS). This continued until about 6 weeks after the operation, mid-May, when I got back into Warcraft though at first I was only able to deal with an hour at a time at the most. Once my arm was getting used to it again though I got into raiding and that is where my life was sucked away for over a month. Four nights a week, sometimes more I’d be healing in raids from 7.30pm until 11pm. Most days I’d been working so I’d literally come home, grab something quick to eat and be straight on WoW. I didn’t touch any other games but I did get very fed up with the game. I wouldn’t log on unless I was raiding as I had no desire to do dailies other than to improve for raiding (and that was going to take long enough that I didn’t want to). Finally in mid to late June I quit Warcraft. The guild was getting all drama queen and the raiding was just irritating me as much as it was giving me fun.

After I’d quit WoW I didn’t really pick up any other games. I started playing The Sims 3 in June the day it came out and have kept it up ever since (some kind of record for me with a Sims game!) but it’s not been one of those ‘must play every day for 8 hours’ type of games for me. Since stopping WoW I’ve been reading a lot more, drawing, doing the housework (yay…) and spending more time with Steve and other friends. Overall it’s been so much more fun. I’m also working on an exercise routine to get me in shape for France (and keep me in shape when I return) though this is admittedly mainly using the Wii.

I have just returned to World of Warcraft but I will not be returning to raiding, as tempting as it is and I most certainly will not be spending all my spare time on it each day. I have three days off in a row this weekend. Yesterday whilst I installed Warcraft I didn’t touch it at all. I had a lazy day with Steve watching him play CoD 5 and Assassins Creed (and sleeping quite a lot due to feeling ill). Today I’ve spent a couple of hours doing some daily quests and the Northrend Orphans Week but I’ve also gotten all my laundry done and am going to clean the kitchen and bathroom later, plus do some speed drawing. I’m also supposed to be out this evening but will only go briefly as I still feel terrible. Then tomorrow I will maybe do a few quests on Warcraft but the evening will be spent on a Smeep Sunday as usual, and perhaps watching a DVD during the day instead of wasting it on the game.

It’s been many years since I got addicted to gaming. I was 16 when I first started properly gaming and probably 17 when I truly got addicted (Diablo 2 and Black and White were my first major downfalls) and even then it was a bad idea. I still spent my weekends walking with my parents but it was then that I started resenting going to Aerobics (something I greatly miss now) and even would try to get out of some walks occasionally. Drawing and reading dropped off about that time too I believe.

I still find myself getting bored on my days off but far less so. Now if I get bored I do some housework, read something, watch something or go somewhere. Before I would sit in front of the game I was bored of and do pretty much nothing, or talk on MSN about inane stuff I wasn’t interested in, or even just search the internet (How To… is a great time waster) whilst still remaining completely bored.

So farewell games! I shall remain a geek, there are even games I will still play or drool over the release of but from now on it will be far more balanced.

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