Post Cushing’s Surgery – month 9

This month, 3 months after returning to work, I finally got a structured plan for my shifts. It’s an 8 week plan slowly increasing me from doing 4 afternoon shifts of 4 hours to 5 afternoon shifts of 4 hours.

Until now I’ve just been logging on when I can and logging off when it got too much. Admittedly due to my work ethic I was generally staying on as late as I could but it was in between 11.45 and 12.15 that I would log on, depending how much I struggled to get up that day. Hopefully this will make it easier to build up my stamina somewhat.

This month I finally came off my blood pressure meds. My GP requested I check it 3 times a week instead of once just in case it started to go back up. Of course I continue to be weird and so the first time I checked it, I was actually low! It’s been ok since that however. It’s at the low end of normal but before my Cushing’s, that was normal for me.

I’ve also finally signed up for online CBT lessons through work. The first couple I’ve done haven’t been much use but I’ll persevere and see how it goes. It’s free after all and unless I put the effort in I can’t expect to gain anything from it.

I finally had my initial call from the hospital regarding my hernia as well although it didn’t really detail much. Essentially without seeing me they can’t make any proper recommendations so I should be getting another appointment in a couple of months when Covid is less of an issue which will be face to face so surgery can be discussed.

I’m now 54lbs down since surgery, 63lbs down in total! Only 7 more to go until I’m roughly where I was before Cushing’s.

I still have some throat irritation since the surgery. I have a spot at the top back right which will be fine for a couple of weeks then start getting scratchy and making me cough a lot. It will then go back to being fine. It’s really frustrating me now so whenever I can finally be seen in person I want to have a word with my surgeon. No one has actually looked at the surgical wound; I’ve only had one surgical follow up and the fellow I saw didn’t physically examine me, she merely asked how I was doing and answered any of my questions. Of course at the moment it panics everyone when I cough just in case it’s Covid.

My aches are mostly gone but my knees are still painful. My focus had been improving but has been deteriorating a little recently and I’ve been feeling quite depressed though I think this is to do with not feeling comfortable in my job and hating where I live mixed with the fun of recovering from Cushing’s.

The beard and moustache still won’t go away which is winding me up. I’ve tried waxing but it just doesn’t grip the hairs so it’s pointless. It’s not very obvious to look at me but I can feel it and just want rid.

On the plus side, there’s the tiniest hint of collarbone becoming visible.

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