Post Cushing’s surgery – month 5

5 months on, it seems time has really flown by since my surgery.

Early this month I got excited. I noticed there was a smudge by my neck. Just a hint of shadow. I’d been cleaning out the degus so possibly it was just dirt but I decided it’s the beginning of my collarbones starting to show through again. They may still be remaining hidden from view but I can definitely feel them. They feel positively bony without a huge layering of fat over them! I managed to confirm it a couple of weeks later too. I took a picture and there was a small but definite hollow. Just the size of a thumb print but it’s there.

The mole on the left of this picture, that shadow just around it is the hints of a collarbone. Can you spot Scrat in the cage?

I’m now 40lbs down since my surgery. The weight loss is definitely slowing down but at least it’s still going. My fat % is continuing down as well. I’ve also noticed that when I lie down my stomach no longer remains bloated and sticking up but flattens out somewhat with gravity. I’ve also noticed that my buffalo hump is almost entirely gone.

My blood pressure is still down nicely and my heart rate, while still higher than it used to be, has dropped from being in the mid 90s whilst resting to mid 70s. At one point it even dropped to 72 but then crept back up again.

I’ve been finding walking a little easier. Through this month I managed to do 1500 nearly every day just round the flat mostly but I have also managed a couple of trips out of the flat without crutches. One was to visit Tesco with my boyfriend. It’s only around a third of a mile away but it was exhausting so I walked there with him then sat down by the tills whilst he went round getting the shopping.

5 months post surgery

My knees however feel completely shot. I struggle to get down stairs and have to go ‘granny style’ putting one foot down then moving the other foot to the same stair whilst gripping the bannister and grimacing. Kneeling is agony and avoided as much as possible. Crouching is a definite no-no. My lower back has improved a lot but still complains if I stand up for too long. Most of the time it hurts is when I’m in bed and go to roll over. During the day I’m generally ok so long as I don’t bend over to pick anything up.

I still need to sleep a lot but have changed my alarm from noon to 11am. I’m not getting up at 11 due to my boyfriend being off work most days and he defaults to a night owl so I tend to stay lazing around in bed whilst he sleeps but I’m awake at least.

My appetite is coming back a little too. I no longer have to force myself to eat at mealtimes although I still don’t fully enjoy it. My sense of smell is still off, as demonstrated by the duck giblets that went off in our fridge but I couldn’t smell a thing!

Almost no sign of a hump

Hair is improving though still a bit straggly as it hasn’t been cut since just before surgery! Hair that shouldn’t be there is taking a lot longer to grow back now and some of it just isn’t so that’s great.

The stretchmarks are no longer an angry purple but have turned silvery.

Mentally I get annoyed far less but I still have some recall issues. Typically this happened when talking to work saying I felt ready to try to go back because I felt better mentally‚Ķ cue huge silence whilst I try to think of the words! However I am going back to work 2 afternoons a week in March and will build it up slowly if I can or go back on sick if I can’t handle it. Luckily I can work from home and both good and bad it’s a whole new system. Good because I used to be the person in our team everyone would come to, which they can’t do now but bad because I have no clue if I can learn new stuff yet!

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