WoW characters – Horde

Just a quick overview of my Horde characters on World of Warcraft. Partly in case anyone is curious, more to remind me what each one has on them or I have planned for them. There might be a little background but I don’t tend to roleplay in WoW. You can also check out my Alliance characters.

Intorqueo – Blood Elf Paladin – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Intorqueo is my ‘new’ Cazak, my alliance paladin who originally started life as a Blood Elf until my guild and friends all swapped factions. I love the way Blood Elf paladins look and I love their class mounts so she had to be remade.

Krisie – Goblin Rogue – ? – Herbalism and Mining

I made the character first and it kind of reminded me of my friend Krissy! She’d probably kill me if she saw this, it’s a compliment, honest… Of course the name Krissy was already taken so I had to try a few different spellings until I could get one.

Drhyx – Undead Warlock – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Another Discworld inspired name. Dr Hicks is a necromancer at Unseen University and is also the name of one of the committee members for the Discworld Convention. Due to naming restrictions I had to mess around with the spelling.

Lutze – Orc Monk – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Again, I like Discworld names for a lot of my characters where I can and Lutze is the ultimate monk. I even went for the closest to a harmless little old man look that I could with an Orc.

Drudnae – Tauren Druid – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Similar reasoning to my Alliance Worgen druid. I can get many forms as a druid anyway so why not start out as an animal, in this case a cow?

Trukle – Highmountain Tauren Warrior – ? – Herbalism and Mining

And yet another Discworld reference. Truckle the Uncivil is a barbarian who swears a lot and is very un-PC. Of course once again Truckle was taken so I had to mess with the spelling.

? – Nightborne Hunter – ? – Herbalism and Mining

I need to unlock the race before I can create this one.

Topaxci – Zandalari Troll Shaman – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Topaxci is a god in Discworld that may be seen by aspiring shamans when carrying out one of their rites of passage (unsurprisingly this involves hallucinogenic mushrooms as all good rites of passage do). I need to unlock the race before I can create this one.

Eskareena – Vulpera Mage – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Due to being a mage I wanted something magical from Discworld. Eskarina was taken so I bastardised the spelling to Eskareena. I need to unlock the race to create this one. (Currently sitting as a pandaren)

Hughnon – Troll Priest – ? – Herbalism and Mining

Yet another Discworld character. Hughnon Ridcully is the Arch Bishop in Ankh Morpork; Hughnon was taken so again I just slightly changed the spelling. I love how this guy looks like he has a palm tree on his head so I tried to make his body look like the ocean with a tropical island on top.

Tamorra – Mag’har Orc Death Knight – ? – Herbalism and Mining

I need to unlock the race before I can create this one. (Currently sitting as a goblin)

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