Istaria characters

Istaria is a fantastic MMO that is around 15 years old now. Few people know about it and it does look dated but is still one of the best I’ve played. The detail in the animation is incredible and beats games made this year (even if the overall graphics are old and blocky compared to current gen) and the whole world is so engaging. The crafting and multiclassing is far more interesting than 90% of other systems out there but the real draw of the game? Playable, flying, fire-breathing dragons. I currently have 4 dragons and a biped. This is their background. I’ll do an actual review at some point as well.



As in every game, Pevil is my main. She is what I imagine to be the traditional dragon, with “fins” on her head, a lizard-like scale pattern, pure emerald green with a paler underbelly. She has become an Ancient (the largest, most powerful form of dragon in-game).

Pevil started her life back in 2006. She hatched from her egg onto a strange island with no one else around, only signs of destruction and recent fighting. As her life has progressed she has come to the conclusion that the Withered Aegis must have attacked not long before she hatched and her parents were injured or killed defending their homeland. Luckily, dragon hatchlings are resilient and more than capable of surviving on their own.

So Pevil set out to find some signs of life (and some food!) and soon ran into a strange, furry creature walking on two legs. It called itself a Saris and offered to help the little dragon learn the basics of survival. Pevil followed the Saris for a while, learning to fight alongside her and getting into a lot of trouble. Teeth, claws and fire breath are her preferred weapons; whilst she will resort to magic when necessary she can’t really be bothered with memorising new spells. Besides, her furry friend had all the spells they could need.

One day though she woke to find her companion gone and she was alone again. She has never found this Saris again and there were no clues to hint as to why she left. Due to this early bond, Pevil has always remained a fan of the Saris race and is quick to make friends with them. Shortly after this disappearance she was found by another creature – this time a huge Ancient green dragon by the name of Samdrag. Samdrag took Pevil in and she found he had sheltered many other dragons (and even a few bipeds). They called themselves the “First Born” and looked after each other. They even helped Pevil achieve adulthood and take to the skies. But tragedy struck them.

A strange force was felt throughout the land of Unity one day and all the sentient races succumbed to it, falling into a coma. For over a year nothing stirred but eventually a new force known as Virtrium swept down upon them and all awoke to find themselves in what seemed to be the same place but with slight differences. Not only that but there were others of the same races who had not existed before. Others that they had known did not seem to wake up either. Unfortunately Samdrag was one of these and the First Born drifted apart.

Pevil soon made new friends though and settled into this slightly altered world. With the help of her new friends she achieved the status of Ancient and gained her full draconic strength. These days she is more likely to be found shaping her lair, digging out chambers and building machines to help along the new hatchlings of the world as a green Ancient once did for her. And should you find a few cat-like Saris who wish to visit her… they’re always welcome. If you visit her as a dragon however be warned, she has a penchant for chewing (softly) on tails!



Shadria was hatched not long after Pevil but she fell into the deep slumber before most did and awoke quite some time after. As such she only really remembers the new world and has not grown very much yet. She doesn’t remember her parents at all; they were around when she hatched but when she fell into the coma they eventually gave up hope that she would reawaken and moved on with their lives.

Shadria has had little to do with bipeds but finds the stories of them fascinating. This, coupled with a love of magic that seems to be in her genes has led her to already decide she wishes to be a follower of Helian when she reaches adulthood and indeed she already fights mainly with primal magic.



The youngest of all the hatchlings, Intorqueo tends to be very easygoing and likes to mess about. Happy chatting, fighting or crafting, he is always ready to listen to others and go along with any suggestions, no matter how crazy or suicidal they may be! Due to his colouring he is fondly known as “The Marrow” amongst his friends. His huge amounts of energy make it hard for anyone to keep track of where he is, which can pay off in the middle of a fight.



Zordraak is a large, muscular hatchling with a temper to match his dark scales. His egg was stolen from his parents by the Withered Aegis and they attempted to crack into it before he was ready. Even in the egg this angered him and he broke free early, ripping into the undead with his new baby talons. This rude awakening into the world has given him a short temper and a love of ripping into his enemies physically. He doesn’t have the patience for crafting (though Pevil is attempting to drill this into him as a necessity for survival) and will take on anything, no matter how much larger or more experienced the foe.


My newest hatchling, I have yet to get a picture. His name means copper and that’s just the look I went for.



Affina has become Pevil’s closest companion as she reminds her of the Saris that she lost when she was a hatchling. She is even the same colouring and has a tendancy to prefer spellcasting over physical combat. The company of the dragons is what she loves most, particularly when they spend their time together in the lava-lined chambers of the lair!

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