Why blog?

I sometimes wonder why I blog and it’s nice to reflect on the reasons. They change from time to time which I think is a good thing; it keeps it fresh and stops me getting bored.

I’m an odd mix of creativity and science. I love logic and hard reasoning but also enjoy creating things such as nail art, drawings and sewing. Blogging to me is another creative outlet, probably the one that actually combines both the art and the science sides the most as I tend to write about real events and opinions but put my own thoughts and spin on them. It’s a way to express myself without having to get too creative by making everything up.

I originally started blogging back in July 2009 on a different WordPress blog (some of the posts I intend to move over to here eventually) simply for the sake of letting out some of my thoughts and feelings. It was what I think of as a ‘true’ blog; an online diary, an extension of those entries you fill in as a child and try to keep secret except this was all the goings on and thoughts that I didn’t mind the wider world seeing. It had its ups and downs, I didn’t post very regularly (so nothing has changed there!) and looking back some of it is quite cringeworthy. In that sense it really was just an online version of a diary I guess.

I started up this blog simply as an extra way to increase awareness of my online shop. Along with my Instagram account and my Facebook page it seemed a good way to both review the products and show off my nail art. I still enjoy doing that, not that you can tell from my severe lack of nail related posts recently but it was getting a bit monotonous. I love doing the actual nail art and I love trying out different polishes to review but it’s hardly stretching the creative cogs to write up an article about it. I felt I had to post regularly and try to keep up with the latest trends which just made me resent the whole thing.

So now I’m back to a mix of everything. I still enjoy posting my nail art but I love having my random opinion and rant posts back or even just commenting on things I have done. It allows me so much more freedom and if I don’t want to post for a month I don’t have to. If I want to post every day I can. It’s a way to escape without any obligations and I also love how it allows me to connect with other bloggers and you, the readers. I don’t get many comments on my posts but when I do I enjoy reading them and responding. I also enjoy reading and commenting on other people’s blogs and reading the comments they have received. It’s always interesting to see how other people’s views match or differ from my own.

Do you blog? If so why? Please do let me know in the comments and feel free to drop a link to your blog; I’m always looking out for more to take a nosy at.

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