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Health and fitness – November 2017

I missed a month and am late for this month. Whoops! I’ve had a very odd month though through October; a bit up and down with my mental state as realised in my last post with some huge highs and some massive lows. However I’m pleased to report that physically things seem to be taking a turn for the better!


As mentioned I’m not giving up snacking but I have been much more disciplined. I’ve had the odd “whole pack of biscuits” day but nowhere near as often as I was previously and have mostly been far better with just having small amounts of what I fancy.

Portion Control

As mentioned above I’m doing pretty well on this with the snacks and I’ve been ok with meals too. I probably still have more than I should but my meals are mostly vegetables anyway with the recommended amount of meat/carbs. Extra veg is not going to drastically change my weight loss.


Exercise has gone pretty well. I’ve been walking to work and home as usual and going out on my lunch breaks even when my usual walking buddy isn’t around. I’ve also been doing a Rosemary Conley dvd at home quite often and the odd kettlebell workout. And tomorrow I’m going to try getting back to clubbercise! I can’t wait, I’ve missed it so much.

Stats going into November

Weight – 158 lbs (-3lbs)
Waist – not measured
Body fat – 37.8% (+0.3%)

Next Short Term Goals

Sticking to my specific dates to get down to the next 5lb my next goal is 145lbs by 14th November. That clearly isn’t going to happen but I think I should get 155lbs by then, possibly a little under. I’ve also joined the Winter Weight Loss Challenge on Rosemary Conley Online and set myself to lose a stone. So far I’ve lost 8.5lbs on it so only another 5.5lbs to go. I think there are 4 weeks left to go so definitely doable.

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