Skyrim – Shadria

I’m starting out my nerding with a brand new character in Skyrim. As I’m on the PC I got the updated special edition for free a while ago and now seems the perfect time to test it out. I’ve forgotten a lot of the stuff I did before with my old, traditional character (a nord named Pevil who tends to be a paladin-type character, good aligned mainly using sword and shield, heavy armour and the odd bit of healing magic) so time to get exploring again.

I created Shadria who I will attempt not to make a very stereotypical character but she is going to start out as one I think. She’s a dark elf that will use magic for buffing herself, weakening her targets and generally helping her out but will mainly use stealth and bows for attacking. She may end up as a vampire, a thief, an assassin or a combination of these options. She may end up as none of them. She definitely wants power as she’s been discrimated against for being a dark elf for a long time and is fed up of it. How she gets that power is yet to be seen. Killing or intimidating people is not beyond her nor is using money to get her way.

Just after escapting from Helgen. No mods being used, for a 6 year old game this still looks amazing.

Just after escapting from Helgen. No mods being used, for a 6 year old game this still looks amazing.

Shadria ran into some issues when she crossed the border into Skyrim and got captured along with some rebel soldiers known as Stormcloaks. On the wagon ride with the other prisoners she learnt that there is a civil war in Skyrim between the Stormcloaks who want Skyrim to be free and the Imperials who wish for it to remain under the rule of the Imperial City. Personally she doesn’t care what happens to it; none of these places have ever shown a dark elf much kindness.

They arrived in a small village called Helgen where Shadria learned that thanks to being in the wrong place at the wrong time she was to be executed along with the rebels. Thankfully she was spared this awful end to her life by a dragon turning up! She never thought she’d be grateful to be almost roasted alive. She ran amidst the chaos and ended up following one of the Stormcloaks to escape the village through some caves. Once they got out the other side he tried to recruit her into their ranks but she had enough of being entangled in their affairs and set off on her own. Before she got completely away from him however he mentioned a place called Whiterun that would be interested in knowing about the dragon. At first she decided to ignore this but as she was travelling along the road it dawned on her that this information could get her a foothold with some powerful people. Maybe Whiterun was worth visiting after all?

As she journeyed along the path she came to a place named Riverwood. An old lady was shouting about having seen a dragon and was promptly informed by her son to keep quiet as everyone would think she was crazy. Shadria could find no one else who had seen the dragon so she kept her own mouth shut about it. Her enquiries did get her some information on a few goings on around town though such as a love triangle and some bandits causing trouble. Stowing away this information for later use she headed on out of the town.

As the day was drawing to a close she came to the town of Whiterun. The sun had fallen and it was dark as she approached the gates. The guards informed her she was not welcome and the town was closed. She blurted out that she had news of a dragon. She hadn’t intended to let this out to just anyone but she was getting fed up with this treatment. It had the effect she wanted and the guards let her in so she could discuss the matter with the Jarl.

On her way up to the Jarl’s hall she stopped in at a hunting shop called “The Drunken Huntsman”. She found the shop keeper to be no use but there was another dark elf in there by the name of Janessa. She admitted to being a mercenary though she refused to use that word and offered her services to Shadria. Unfortunately Shadria has little gold at the moment but she decided that once she could gather enough she would take Janessa up on this; a companion who will do your bidding will always make you look more important than you may be. No one need know she was being paid.

So Shadria headed up to the hall and walked in on what seemed to be an argument between the Jarl and one of his advisors. She was somewhat surprised to find that the Jarl’s housecarl was another dark elf. It seems a lot more of them have spread to Skyrim than she realised. No one was happy to see her there but she quickly mentioned the dragon and then they were all ears. Typical of her life really and she was irritated by this but held it in. Time to start ingratiating herself with the powerful people and the fact this one already trusts another dark elf should make getting her foot in the door a little easier.

The next day Shadria decided to get that foot a little more firmly in the door. She looked at her map and saw that the bandits who were causing the common folk so many issues were camped not far from Whiterun. She headed out over the scrubland and soon came upon some ruins with smoldering remains of campfires. Stealthing around she surprised three bandits and after some nifty footwork (namely lots of running away) she managed to take them down. She snuck into the ruins themselves and was able to kill the leader with a well placed arrow before he knew she was there. The bandits had a few gems lying around so she took these to sell in Whiterun and was able to afford the company of Janessa.

By now it was getting late again so she headed back to the Jarl’s hall. The staff were all in bed so she was able to sneak around a bit more and decided to help herself to a few items as they’d treated her with so little respect. Some new fine clothing became hers along with a few choice weapons out of their display cases. She finally came across the steward and told him she’d taken care of the bandits. He rewarded her and casually mentioned some more bandits that were hanging around the area. Shadria listened politely and made non-committal noises; she’s not their lackey to jump at their every desire but the time may come when it will suit her to help out again.

During her adventures so far she had heard of a dark elf built shrine to Azura so she wanted to head over there to find more of her kind. She also knew that it was near the Mages Guild where she hoped to be able to hone her skills so her and Janessa headed out east the next morning. They came across a small bandit camp in a cave not far from Whiterun which they soon cleared out. One of the men was blind which didn’t stop Shadria shooting him in the back as soon as he stood up to run. Just a little further east a necromancer was performing rituals by one of the ritual stones; again he didn’t last long against Shadria’s arrows and Janessa’s sword. Upon inspecting the stone Shadria also found she now had an understanding of how to raise corpses; she promptly brought the necromancer and his skeleton minion back to ‘life’ to follow her.

Shadria - deadly trio

The terrible trio. Resurrected necromancer on the left, Janessa on the right and Shadria in the middle. The stones in the background are where the necromancer was alive.

A pack of wolves attacked them, probably smelling the meat from the ‘dead’ necromancer. The party promptly took care of them before the magic wore off and the necromancer and the skeleton fell to the ground lifelessly. So Shadria and Janessa will have to continue on their journey alone, for now at least.

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