New nerd category

Welcome to the new section of my blog “Nerding Out”.

You may have gathered that I can be a bit of a geek/nerd/gamer (or maybe you haven’t, have I hidden it well?) and I recently found some old forum posts I’d made from when I first played Oblivion and Skyrim when they were first released. Reading back through them I realised how much fun I’d had when they were fresh and I was exploring rather than power gaming through them. I was actually roleplaying my characters, taking an interest in the world and then doubling my fun by documenting the events.

So my plan for this section is that it will become another creative outlet but in a different way to my nail art. This section will mostly be the adventures I have in my sandbox type games, things such as the Elder Scrolls games, Ultima Online and others I come across. I’m hoping it will both give me an outlet for my more creative writing and also inspire me to not just rush through those games trying to reach max level or finish the story line. I may also include art that I create here but only if it is ‘nerdy’ (so based on something like a game or fantasy; if it’s my standard realistic stuff then I will post it elsewhere).

I hope it will also become a bit of an archive for myself. If I haven’t played a character in a while and forget their motivation it should serve as a record for what my overall plans for them were and also be a living, changing record of how they actually developed. After all, if one character started out law abiding that doesn’t mean they will stay that way depending on the situations they have to go through.

As it is nerding out in general too it may also become a bit of a review or overview section for when I have films or books that I want to discuss. As with everything on this blog it will basically evolve over time and become whatever it becomes.

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