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Health and Fitness – September 2017

I nearly forgot about the post this month which isn’t a good thing since it’s on my boyfriend’s birthday. Luckily I didn’t forget the birthday or I’d be in real trouble.

I’ve had another mixed bag of results really this month but it’s going slowly in the right direction. Very slowly. My determination at the beginning of last month got very quickly worn down due to having a lot of stress at work but overall I managed to hold off too much binge eating. That’s not to say there haven’t been some horrendous days though!


Well that didn’t go as planned. I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about my “no snacking in the evening” rule and I’m probably going to just abandon it anyway as I’ve always snacked in the evening even when I was a healthy weight. It’s just the way I’m designed. So that takes me back to:

Portion Control

I’m still doing well on this for the most part. I’ve had a couple of meals where I didn’t pay attention to the recipe and dished it up to both of us when it’s supposed to serve 4 or where I’ve decided I’m just hungry and did that deliberately but on the whole I’m doing well. Snack-wise I’ve been doing much better too. A 114g bar of Galaxy this week lasted me 3 days instead of 1. 1 bag of microwave popcorn is still mostly intact in a container in the cupboard, I’ve had maybe 30g of it. I’ve had my bad days still though such as eating an entire packet of chocolate orange digestives (which I’m now sick of so won’t be buying any more for a while) or an entire tub of ice cream during the first episode of this years Great British Bake Off. In my defense that was due to having the degus out of the cage and not being able to put the tub back in the freezer so obviously rather than let it melt I had to eat it. Right?


This has stayed the same more or less. I haven’t done any calisthenics with my friend as she’s been trying to train for a wolf run (which she completed today) whilst dodging various injuries. Instead I’ve just stuck to my walks where I can though the weather has been against me somewhat this month. Really, I don’t like the heat during summer but we’re not supposed to get such weird rain even here in England during August.

Stats going into September

Weight – 161 lbs (-1lbs)
Waist – 37.5 inches (+0.5 inches)
Body fat – 37.5% (+0.9%)

Next Short Term Goals

I’ve swapped them about again. I know, I know! I can’t help it, I keep thinking of ‘better’ ways to target myself. I’m now targeting every 5lbs I want to lose. I was supposed to hit 160lbs on 28/08/2017 but that didn’t happen. My next goal is 155lbs on 23/09/2017. From my current weight this gives me 21 days to lose 7 lbs. I don’t think I’ll manage it but I’ll give it a good go. I’ve basically set myself the target of hitting my ideal weight before my 34th birthday 02/03/2018 and after working out calorie deficits and number of days this means I’m targeted to lose 5lbs every 26 days.

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