Health and fitness – August 2017

I’m just going to look embarassed and shuffle my feet a little bit. This month really didn’t go well again. I’m not even going to bother explaining myself as it’s all just excuses. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the reason is, I have the willpower to just say no so if I didn’t then that’s all on me.

I have reset myself on Rosemary Conley again as of 29/07 and revised my long term weight loss goal to be my birthday next year (02/03) which still allows for a relatively leisurely 1lb loss a week. I’m going to see Celine Dion live in a couple of days and I just can’t wait, she’s been my favourite solo artist since I was about 8 and she posted the below picture recently; if she can look that amazing at 49 after 3 kids then I can look that amazing at 34 after no kids.  I’m going to continue my small changes each month so as not to overwhelm myself.


Snack Budget

I’ve dropped my snack budget as I was finding it far too accomodating due to the fact I only buy snacks when they’re on offer anyway. I’m sticking to the one fish and chips/one chinese/one KFC a month as we all need a little treat. Personally I’ll be happy just with the fish and chips each month! Last month we didn’t have any chinese at all. Instead I’m not allowed to snack at all after my evening meal but am allowed to snack in the afternoons; as I never want to snack at work this basically just means weekends are fair game. Less times I can snack equals less snacks overall.

Portion Control

I’m technically still sticking to this but in the sense of our evening meals are being done to Rosemary Conley’s recipes so they’re automatically done into the proper portion sizes. If it says it serves 4 I’m serving half of it to me and Niall and freezing half. Combined with my snacking less as mentioned above this should become a lot better. If I do snack I just need to ensure I don’t stuff my face with the lot. This week I have a box of 3 microwave salted popcorn packets so if I just have one and split it over the weekend that would be acceptable.


The hula hooping has mostly been kept up although last weekend it got left out (mainly due to it being that time of the month; feeling icky in the stomach region doesn’t lend itself well to having a weighted hoop also punching you right there!) I have mostly kept my walking up although the weird summer weather with its random heavy rainfall has forced me to get the bus to work a few times. I also haven’t done any calisthenics with my friend as she’s been busy most weekends. I’m planning to make up my own home half-hour routine to do on a Saturday and Sunday however along with some basic Yoga and Pilates from the classes I used to attend that I can do if she’s busy or the weather is too rubbish to go out.

Stats going into August

Weight – 162 lbs (+2lbs)
Waist – 37 inches (+1 inch)
Body fat – 36.6% (+0.7%)

Next Short Term Goals

Niall’s birthday (01/09) is still my next goal though I’ve revised it to be a goal of 155lbs by then. That is a fairly realistic 2lbs a week to lose. Far from ideal but it will also mean I’m around the same weight that I was when I was diagnosed with my clot last year so it will lead to some interesting comparisons I hope.

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