Reflections on: relationships

I had one of those random, out of the blue dreams last night about someone I rarely speak to now then woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep for ages (thanks Niall with your snoring). It just got me thinking about the 4 major romantic relationships I’ve had and what they meant to me.

The first

Always an influential one in everyones life. Mine is still a friend and was a long relationship; 5 years in fact and the reason I’ve moved away from my home in Yorkshire. Funnily enough he’s also the one who got me and Niall together. It was actually an abusive relationship but for most of the time I couldn’t see it and when I could I didn’t know how to stop it. Even so I don’t regret it. I learnt a lot about myself, other people and what can (and what shouldn’t) be tolerated.

The long-distance one

After the first came the long-distance one. I’d met this guy whilst still with the first online and he became a very close friend who I could spill my troubles too. When the first relationship dissolved we ended up in a long-distance relationship. This guy did save me to an extent but also ultimately would’ve been very wrong for me. Through the abuse of the first relationship I became much stronger and more independant and he was very needy and clingy; something that was great when I needed that moral support to help me through it but ultimately would have driven me crazy.

The one that got away

Well not as such. There was never a relationship per say. We were incredibly good friends, still are to a lesser extent and had our moments but it was never going to be. He has commitment issues due to his parents rocky relationship and believes it’s safer not to get close to people as they just hurt you. This Nickelback song sums us up perfectly, even down to him telling me once he loved me while he was drunk!

The one

I hope at least! My current boyfriend Niall, 7 years and still strong. What more is there to say? He’s been here through some tough times such as my clot, we’ve had a ton of amazing times together and rarely argue (not to say we don’t get on each others nerves of course, previous comment about snoring is a case in point!) Here’s to many more wonderful years.

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