Thoughts on my first week of the reset

I don’t intend to do a weekly update but I thought I might as well this first week and whenever I do feel I have something to chat about. So how have I done?

Pretty well I think. I definitely needed a new set of goals, smaller and more manageable to help get my head back on track and a new way of reaching them. So far my snack budget seems to be working quite nicely. So let’s revisit each area.

Snack Budget

It is going to take a little while to get used to but I can definitely see how this will work in the long run. Last week I spent £14.40 instead of £10.00 on snacks. This was mainly work’s fault! I had bought some chocolate and biscuits and made them last most of the week plus had enough left for fish and chips (went 10p over with these). Then work rudely decided that because it had been a horrible week for everyone and they’d spotted a new breakfast sandwich shop it obviously stood to reason we all had to have breakfast sandwiches on Friday morning. Of course it would be rude if everyone else is having a sandwich for me not to have one.

However, despite going over I decided to deduct it from this week. I’ve just done my weekly shop and of that £5.60 I had for this week I think once again I’ve done pretty well. I got two large bars of Galaxy chocolate on offer (£1.50 each), 1 pack of McVities Chocolate Orange Digestives on offer (£1.00) and 2 packs of Bahlsen White Chocolate Leibniz also on offer (£1.00 each). This puts me 40p over again so next week I’ll have £9.60 to spend. Niall is away most of this week so that won’t be any temptation for any takeaways at least.

Snack haul

Portion Control

I have done well on this, we had stir fry one night and spaghetti bolognese another and I deliberately dished up 3 meals instead of 2 and put the extra portions in the freezer. We both knew we would snack those evenings anyway so we didn’t mind and neither of us felt less full for doing it either. Also when I was eating some chocolate I only had half the bar one night and finished it the next instead of stuffing the whole thing in my face in one go. Admittedly the pack of digestive biscuits didn’t fare so well…


This is both better and worse than it could be so overall it’s ok! I got slightly less walking done than I would usually due to a friend at work having a petrol emergency so we got a shorter lunchtime walk than we would normally. Also with it being a bank holiday on Monday I wasn’t in work so didn’t have my usual walk to/from/lunchtime though I did make an effort to go for a walk anyway so didn’t completely miss out. On the up side though I have done my two sessions of hula hooping this weekend (at once stage I kept it up for about 20 seconds, a huge record for me) and I also did a session on Monday with it being bank holiday. That makes it a weekend right?

Overall pretty positive I think. Let’s hope I can keep this up.

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